The 2018 Porsche GT3

When braking, cornering and increasing speed, airflow becomes a constrictive matter, blocking performance like a brick wall.  It can be hindering, burning out the necessities that keep a motorcar running at top performance.  The concept of airflow is the main factor to which the newest Porsche GT3, just may be the best Porsche produced to date.

So how doe’s a manufacture overcome this challenge?  With design.  And by now, one would think the engineers in Stuttgart Germany would have moved on, setting the ultimate 911 benchmark years ago, but that’s what makes this car great.  The designers keep re-tooling and re-designing, until finally reaching modern day with the new Porsche GT3.

Make the car lighter.  Increase the overall power to weight ratio.  One can’t argue with these.  So incorporate body materials of lightweight polyurethane with hollow glass microspheres, topped off with carbon fiber.  Next step.  Create more down force.

Push the car to the ground with a wider front chin lip.  Widen the car by 44mm’s and lower it by 25mm’s. Then raise the rear wing by 20mm’s.  The timekeeper’s stopwatch is marking the laps of the newest enhancements.  But there are a few last attributes to address.

Push the font facade openings wider, re-position the channeling blades and let the brakes receive more air.  Raise the rear deck inlet scoops, enlarge the central air outlet and add four additional fins to the rear diffuser.  Now you have a winning machine that’s ready for the road.  So what does this all add up too?

Performance that breaks barriers.  With a newly designed 4.0 liter, twin-turbo 500hp motor, the GT3 launches from zero-to-sixty in 3.2 seconds, then tops out at 198 mph. But the best part of the new GT3 is that it’s two-wheel drive — and includes a manual gearbox option.  Launching out of the gate at $146k, one can say that airflow — is a good thing.

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