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The Polizei 144

Jackets with an outlaw history and style
Polizei 144

We all can dream of living a life packed full with only traveling the world and racing the outlandish events hosted near and far.  Very few of us live this lifestyle and not just under race circuit track lights, but on the bare asphalt of public road racing events stretching across nations about.

So if you’ve never heard of Alex Roy, you should.  Because he’s lived this life so many us envy to have. But Roy’s underground racing days were never a smooth ride. It’s been a crazy ass whirlwind of chases and races, while piloting the infamous Polizei BMW M5, Roy has driven the likes of Cannonball Run, U.S. Express, Gumball Rally, Bullrun and so many more  You might find documented by snippets on the Internet of his adventures, or read about the madness in his best selling novel —  or you could just pick up a wickedly designed race jacket and feel the excitement for yourself.

Even if you don’t run a BMW, it you can’t deny the glorious looks, design and euro race flare these jackets have.  But if you do run a BMW, I’d say you’re a fool not to slide your arms into a devilish leather Polizei 144 race jacket.

With several versions designed for the guys and the gals, I would say my favorite is the womens “Rapid.”  Black leather, striped, with German euro patches and “Polizei 144” sewn on to the chest  — this jacket is tough.  As you can see in the photo, it also goes great with a skirt.

Next would be the ‘Explorer” with fur trim.  Sporting fun neck and colors for the brisk nights, it’s reminiscent of a flight coat, and sleek in design worthy of the Swedish patch adorning the sleeve.

Overall, these jackets range from $49 – $249. Not a bad price for a piece of automotive history, but these jackets are limited and will be sold out.  So get yours quickly, or else you’ll be playing catch up on the interwebs.

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