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The Ice Charger

Torreto's Crazy Dodge Challenger
Ice Charger Challenger

he Fast and Furious franchise host’s several re-occurring themes within all of its movies. Some are most noticeable, and others, not so much, such as the little boy staring out the window of a bus, during main chase scenes. But one thing that is the most iconic, is Dom’s 1969 Dodge charge, driven by lead actor Vin Diesel. Every round of the series introduces a new version this car, and with most recent release of “The Fate of the Furious,” we now have a version built for the artic circle, dubbed “The Ice Charger.”

Another factor that is re-occurring in all F&F movies is the man behind the fleet of cars, Dennis McCarthy. McCarthy, a custom car builder, who’s team has been pumping out every machine for every movie since part Fast and Furious 2.  Since then, it’s been a wild ride and for F&F 8 , McCarthy’s team had to build nearly 300 vehicles within a six-month period.

The massive list of cars included a pro-touring 1965 Corvette, a Rocket Bunny BRZ, 51 Chevy Coupe and of course the Ice Charger. Which is a fully custom built 1965, Dodge Charger with a Chevy LS1 motor and all-wheel drive. In a recent interview with The Drive, McCarthy said the team took the idea from Ken Blocks, 1965 Mustang “Hoonicorn.”

McCarthy also went on to explain, his team shoehorned a 550 horsepower LS1 motor, close as possible to the firewall,  in order to make room for the front drive-shaft to run to the front differential, in order to accomplish the all wheel drive setup.

Other notable features include aircraft style, bulletproof windows, custom wide-body flares, sheet metal interior, full roll cage, HRE wheels with studded tires, and who could miss the electro magnetic pulse detonator strapped into the trunk of the vehicle.  All we can say is this summers feature is sue to jolt the ticket sales.

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