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The Doctor is In!

Bringing a Cure to Your Dirty Habits
Dr Beasley's

During our recent photo shoot with Claudia and Frisco, we needed to photograph the engine bay. So before snapping the pics, it was decided to brighten up the black plastics with a last minute shine down.  At that moment, Claudia ducked down behind her seat and whipped out a small brown bottle.  She removed the cap, doused a detailing sponge, and went to work wiping down the dusty and dull black plastic.

The liquid was noticeably brown and without gloves, covered her fingers in brown, like a young kid finger painting.  I thought, “This is some messy shit.”  She continued to wipe — then quickly re-wipe. Immediately, the plastic looked smooth and surprisingly new.

Of course the question was; “What are you using?”  Claudia replied. “Dr. Beasley’s”  She continued, “I was at a Ferrari dealership and the guys where using it there . . . It’s all they ever use.”

Being so intrigued – I jumped in and started helping detail the engine bay.  I wiped and re-wiped.  The air box, the intake, battery cover . . . every piece of black plastic I touched, was rejuvenated with new life.

The reason why is that Dr. Beasley designed this product to deal with the extreme heat, sunlight, dust and dirt — all which lead to drying out, fading and cracking.  The Plastic Sealant is designed to seal and restore exterior areas back to their natural, supple state while preventing continued deterioration.

For only $19.99, it’s a definite win.  As we witnessed, not only does Dr. Beasley cure plastics, but the Dr. has many more prescriptions for preventive automotive detailing such as;

Matte Paint Finish – For satin and matte paint finishes

Micro suede Cleanser – For supercar interiors

Opti Leather Cleaner – For intense leather cleaning

 . . . and many more. So go and check out their full line of products and certainly try out the Plastic Sealant.  Hell – even start with a sample pack.  But take no doubt that the Dr. has the cure for you’re dulling plastic woes.