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Stephanie’s Custom Coyote is on the Loose
Stephanie Stokich

Thousands of automotive enthusiasts flood through the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Surrounding the exterior a sea custom cars and trucks pack the parking lots and fill the local street ways.  You could say SEMA is one of the most exciting automotive shows of North America.  Participants plan for months and sometimes years, to be part of the spectacle and there are some hefty strings to pull just to attend, and much more — to have a car displayed.  But for Stephanie Stokich, she makes the task look like child’s play.

Although for her it didn’t happen overnight.  You can say Stephanie fits in the category of “planning for several years.”  But her spark for car customization started long before that.  “I grew up around cars.”  She says.  “I’ve always went to cars shows with my parents, and I used to tell myself that one day, I’ll be able to have one to take to shows too!”

Luckily her father showed Stephanie the in’s-and-outs of wrenching.  She say’s  “My dad used to buy cars all the time and fix them up and he always included me when going to get car parts and installing them.  I was fascinated by how much the look of a car could change by adding one thing or taking another away.”

Her first trial at owning a performance car was a 2005 Mustang.  Although it wasn’t quite what she anticipated to have, being the car was only a stock V-6, the Mustang bug bit her right in the ass.  Before long, she was engulfed by the Mustang community. Several years later and a lot of saving up, Stephanie purchased the 2016, Mustang GT.

This time it was game on.  Sexy was the plan.  So the facelift began with an Airlift Suspension, Anderson Composites carbon fiber hood and trunk.  Then she added the APR front splitter, euro taillights, a custom grill, Baer Eradispeed Rotors and Ferrada wheels skinned with Toyo tires. Lastly the car was then wrapped in Gator Wraps, matte silver vinyl with accented brand decals.

To beef up the Coyote performance, a Borla “Atak” catback exhaust system was fitted and paired with an Injen cold air intake and topped off with Lund racing tune.  All of this it monitored by an nGauge dash pod and should easily add another thirty to forty horses over the stock GT performance.

For the interior, she threw in Katzkin red leather seats, with accented GT350 shift knob and steering wheel.  The Navigation is guided by a Rosen Electronics touch-screen display and the stereo system is backed with 10” JBL speakers fitted into custom-built trunk panels.  And if the system’s not loud enough ya — wait until you hear the Hornblasters train horn!  Needless to say, show goers know when Stephanie rolls up.

Already, her car has won several awards including two times as “Best Lady Driven”, plus a 2nd Place at the Annual Saleen Car Show.  But the awards and shows don’t stop there.  She’s currently a member of the Rebal Stangs Club, and attends as many shows as possible including SEMA, of which in 2016, she was invited to display her car indoors at the Street Glow booth.

Overall, Stephanie has put together one sexy looking machine.  Mustang fan or not, you have to respect the amount of dedication, time and pocket book expenses put into the ride.  But, this isn’t the end of the line.  She’s already informed us her 2017 SEMA build is going to be a bit different.  Guess you’ll have to see for you’re self, when she lets her custom Coyote loose.