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Sara's Barlic Talks About Her Super Sleek Honda S2K
Sara Barlic

We step “In the Garage” with Slovenian navite, Sara Barlic, as she shares with us about why the screaming Honda V-Tech drives her wild!  Plus, what’s she’s been doing to this sleek ride.

Name: Sara

Age: 23

Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana

Instragram: @SARABARLIC

Facebook: sara barlič

SG: How did you first get into cars?

My car girl story began when my boyfriend and I were in the market for my second car and we decided to take a look at the orange Honda Civic EK4 that was on sale back in 2011. I was skeptic about the car at first, but when I took the car for a test drive and saw the cars reflection in the store windows, I immediately fell in love with her. I fell in love with the high revving engine, the felling when I was driving her and of course that V-TEC “cross-over!” I fell in love with her color, rims, engine bay, sound and every little detail that I was working on.

I learned so much about cars by working on her and with her. She was the beginning of my love for Honda’s and even after two years I still miss her and I’m always on track what is going on with the car at the new owner.

Aside from that, my uncle is a mechanic and I lived on a pretty big farm growing up, so I was never too far away from cars and similar stuff.  Plus, I use to love working on my APN, Tomos motorcycle when I was little!

SG: Wow! Sounds like you’re quite experienced. What was your first car?

A 1998 Audi A3, with a 1.6 liter.  It was a nice car — but too boring.

SG: Of course! So what’s your current car?

I found new love in my current Honda S2000. It is AP1 model, year 2000, Silverstone in color. Rear wheel drive with 240hp and a 9000rpm rev limit!

SG: What about this car turns you on?

I love the original F20c engine in her with the high revs, the screams she makes when I’m reaching them! The summer late night topless drives, the warm sun shining on my head in early spring, the long seaside drives with nothing but me, my bf and my car; the super sharp manual gearbox and her super precise cornering, her loooong aluminum bonnet and Japanese reliability! I love every little detail and I’m always ready to learn more about her. She is my escape and stress free zone.

Oh! And for daily, I drive a 1990 Honda civic and I love it too!

SG: It’s a very clean looking car, have you modded it any?

She is lowered on an Eibach Pro Kit Springs, she has front OEM lip, rear OEM trunk spoiler, OEM hard top,  she is sitting pretty on her new ROTA Fighter Drift wheels: specs: front: 17x8J +48, rear: 17x9J +50, with Neocrome lugnuts,.  Plus a Neochrome tow hook (I love Neochrome!) Also she has tinted tail lights, home made front-side and rear wind-splitters + rear diffuser, custom stainless steel 70mm dual exhaust with 100mm burned tips, deleted headlight washers and probably some other things — I cant remember at the moment! Hahaha.

SG: I’m sure you get a lot of attention in this!  Do you have any thing to brag about?

I have trophies from Slovenian and Croatian car shows. Mostly for best Honda and best lady tuner. The car scene in my country is very small but is getting bigger and better every year with a lot of effort from many great car people.

Is there any fun or crazy moments you have had with your car, or maybe best experience?

Hmm … changing the clutch for 8 hours? That experience was exhausting! But what can I say… I’m stubborn! And I eventually did it with little help of my bf and uncle who is a mechanic.

And of course a lots and lots of memories from our road trips with Slovenian roadsters club! (

SG: Thank you Sara, for taking the time to chat with us and our viewers!

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