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The Black Label S302

Saleen's Custom Edition of the S550 Mustang
Saleen S302

Lets face it.  We like to burn rubber and we like to drive fast.  The gratification of stepping on the gas and feeling the power is mischievous. Like being a kid and jumping your bicycle over a plywood ramp for the first time. It’s an adrenaline rush you want to do over again, and it’s why companies such as Saleen Motors are in the game. Since 1983, Steve Saleen has crafted Ford Mustangs to corner harder, accelerate faster and achieve new limits mischievous fun. This time, with the Ford Mustang, Black Label S302.

When designing a car to travel upwards of two hundred miles per hour – the game changes: Air pressure surges around your vehicle creating a vortex-like jet stream. Cornering becomes tremendous feat of G-force. Factors such as these are why Saleen applied such ascetic advancements to the stock S550.

Most notably is the nose-piece. The idea is to utilize air pressure by balancing the down force and low drag. Tweaking the aerodynamics led to custom front fascia that extends the car 1.5 inches up front by incorporating a high-down force front splitter, re-contoured front grill and air-vane brake cooling.

Form meeting function extends throughout the entire shell. Scooping cold air up front, the hood is designed to breathe and exhale while it exhausts hot air out the rear vents.  Integrated carbon fiber side skirts reduce weight while creating extra down force and extending the rear bumper by 2-inches allows under car air-pressure to be relieved through the custom rear diffuser that’s complimented with integrated exhaust exits.  While the boot is topped off with a custom Saleen wing.

Keeping a tight grip to the road is achieved by an upgraded S4 suspension package, which includes high-rate front springs, performance front and rear shocks, oversized sway bars and upgrade suspension bushings.  Buyers can even upgrade to a fully adjustable S4 suspension if wanting a full level of race tuning.

Standing on 20 x 10.5 inch alloy wheels, they’re wrapped in Z-rated series tires for ultimate grip and speed rating. While braking is controlled by 13.9-inch vented rotors with four-piston calipers upfront and 13-inch vented rotors out back.  There’s even an upgrade to a 15-inch front and 14-inch rear drilled and slotted rotors with four piston rear calipers added.

With a car that’s tuned entirely on the outside, you’ll need the same treatment underneath the hood.  That’s why Saleen took the stock 5.0 Coyote motor and added a twin-screw supercharger, 54-pound fuel injectors, cold air intake system, and a Saleen tuned exhaust.  The end result?  A massive 730 horsepower and 600 foot pounds of torque — which is enough to break necks and keep you jamming the gears of the short-throw six speed.  The choice of rear axle gear ratio is up to you with options including 3.31, 3.55 and even 3.73’s for tire blazing goodness.

But don’t worry.  You’ll be extremely comfortable while jabbing the gearbox and power-sliding around exit ramps because the interior is re-worked with leather seating with Alcantara inserts and complimenting accents including white face gauges, twin gauge-pods, embroidered trunk and floor matts, illuminated Saleen door sills, and Saleen badge steering wheel.

Of course, no Saleen Mustang ever leaves without being numbered and for the S302, a custom plaque on the dash displays build date and the Saleen Serial Number while both are complimented by Steve Saleen’s signature on the dashboard.

Overall, the Saleen Black Label S302 is more than a modified vehicle, it’s a icon of American racing heritage and a reason to push the boundaries of factory production.  The S302 is a perfect balance of form and function.  Now its up to you to grab the wheel and step on the gas.  So let us ask.  Are you feeling a bit mischievous?