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PB Blaster Product Review
Pb Blaster Review

Ahh…nothing like the smell of P’Blaster in the morning!

They say aromatherapy is good for health and the soul. I agree. Only, my chosen scents are a bit different from the Average Bear’s.

When one specializes in overhauling older models, like I do, you are going to hit a rusty bolt, or twelve, during the course of your build. Many tend to default to the more commonly known WD-40 when it comes to penetrating rust. But, when I was still green, fresh out of trade school, the old school overhaulers and racers I was working with turned me on to a number of tricks-of-the-trade. P’Blaster remains one of my faves. It works SO much better than WD-40 for the proper applications! Once you use it, you will probably not go back, like me. I am not endorsed by them or anything, but just love P’B so much I figured I’d pass the word along, as I am continually astounded by the number of gearheads who haven’t yet heard of this amazing product, and hope someone reading this finds it to be as helpful as I have!

What makes P’Blaster different?

When it comes to rust penetration, P’Blaster is a far better choice than WD-40, which is technically a cleaner and “water displacer” (ie “WD – water displacer”). Whereas WD-40 tends to evaporate rather than penetrate, P’Blaster has an oil base and gets in there real nice and deep like, eating away at old rust and contaminates and helping you to bust those stubborn fasteners loose. They’ve been around since 1957 and are made in the good old U.S. of A, so you know they are legit! Just make sure you are using it for the proper application, or it could literally eat away something important or fragile, like a gasket. Unless you want that thing gone! Then it will dissipate within a 24 hour time span or so. They brag about it on the can being so powerful it will eat away Styrofoam! And, it really does!

If you’re like me, you’ll fall in love with P’B, and find yourself using it for all sorts of applications both within the garage and home. Squeaky door hinge? Stubborn sliding closet? No more! With your can of P’Blaster in hand, you’ll find rusty foes a thing of the past. And, since their inception, the Blaster Corporation has come out with several additional products to suit all your lubrication, cleaning, and penetrating needs.

Sure, your non-gearhead household members may complain about the smell, but just remind them about aromatherapy and how it helps with sanity, and it’s not your fault they don’t find smells like used gear oil, bearing grease, and P’Blaster attractive. Like us weird gearheads do.

But, who wants to be normal, anyway?

Cheers from you friendly neighborhood lady gearhead!

Renata Carmen