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In the Garage with @thatcorvettechick

We meet up with the owner and find about more about this colorful C7!

You may have seen images of a “Blurple” colored C7 Corvette floating through your social media stream and we’ve certainly have taken notice. Therefore, we decided to meet up with the owner and her colorful Corvette.  So take a seat, as we step “In the Garage” with @thatcorvettechick!


Owner: Jackie V.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 7-Speed Manual
Vehicle Year: 2015


SG: So tell us, when did you purchase your Corvette?
Jackie: I bought the Z06 back in December of 2017, right after I graduated college and started a new job.


SG: Does the C7 have a name?
Jackie: Yea! Though it’s a bit nerdy. My first car was named “Lexy the Lexus,” so staying true to the name trend, my first C6 base model Corvette was named “Vexy the Vette.”

So when I got this C7Z, it had the same color scheme so I named it “Dos Vexy” because adding the number 2 to the name seemed too boring. Oh and a fun fact! I now have a different Lexus, so it is also named “Dos Lexy.”


@thatcorvettechick 2


SG: That’s is a fun fact! So what were the first mods to “Dos Vexy”?
Jackie: I left the car alone for a long time since it was my daily for about a year and half; it already had a Billy Boat Bullet axle back exhaust and was lowered on the stock bolts when I bought it, but one of my first personal mods was an AFE cold air intake and a larger NSX supercharger lid.


SG: Nice! So what did you do after that?
Jackie: Well the list is crazy long! But I did most all the work all at one time, the big items that were added are; a Brian Tooley 38% fuel lobe cam that I won in a giveaway (thanks again BTR!), a DSX e85 felex fuel sensor and low side fuel system, Kooks long tubes and mid pip with the Billy Boat Bullet axel back, ATI pulleys, plus upgraded the cooling system, ported the heads and supercharger, then had it tuned. . . so pretty much the works! haha.


SG: And of course, the most obvious component… the color. Tell us about that!
Jackie: So the car is actually silver with black and red accents which I love (in honor of my first corvette), but I came across this “Blurple” wrap on a Range Rover, then I decided I had to have it. The color just pops on this car and Xcentric Detailing LLC in Hitchcock TX did an awesome job on the wrap.




SG: Do you perform the mechanical work on the car?
Jackie: My boyfriend Colin and I do as much work as we can, but I had G-Force Motorsports in Pearland Texas do some heavy lifting and tuning for the car.

SG: With your current mods, where are you sitting at in the horsepower department?
Jackie: Currently the car sits right at 805 rear wheel hp and 800 ft lbs of torque.

SG: Have you taken it to the track?
Jackie: Yeah, and my best quarter mile time was a long time ago, before I had the right tires and a lot of the current mods; but I hit 141mph at 10.6 at houston Raceway Park.

However, I just recently participated in The Texas Mile in Beeville TX, and managed to hit 192.6mph in a mile! Hoping to go even faster next time!




SG: So up to now, what has been the most memorable moment with the Vette?
Jackie: I have to say, It’s cool to see how iconic the car has become because of the wrap color, and it’s cool to know people notice and recognize it from a mile away!


SG: Aside from another Texas Mile attempt, what are your future plans?
Jackie: The mods seem to never end! The car is constantly evolving, so even though I don’t have any solid plans for it at this time, you can bet it won’t stay the same way for very long.


SG: It’s a never ending process!


SG: So is there any thing else you want the readers to know?
Jackie: That it’s been amazing to meet so many people and make so many new friends in the car community. I never could have imagined the awesome experiences and opportunities that would come from being in the car scene. I’m just so grateful and humbled to be where I am today, and I can’t wait to find out what else is in store in the upcoming years.