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History’s Best Looking Exhaust

Some of the Best Looking Factory Exhaust Systems
Porsche 918

Here’s our picks of some of the best looking factory exhaust systems. Of course, there’s probably thousands more that you feel are cooler. So if think you have a better pick let us know and comment at the bottom.  Otherwise, forever hold your peace.

# 10.  1985 Pontiac Fiero GT

Yes. We put it on here. Why you ask? Think about this. This little car from 1985 was a two seat, mid-engine V-6 sports car. Supercar it may not be, but you have to admit the rear of this car looked tough enough to make it a hit.

# 9.  2004 Ferrari F430 “Spyder”

Accenting the rear diffuser like a g-string bikini.  You can’t deny looking at this ass.  Other manufacturers have tried replicating this look, but unless there’s an Italian V8 exhaust note blasting out, it’s just not the same.

# 8.  2011 Lexus IS-F

Pissing off the neighbors wasn’t in the EPA guides before Lexus incorporated this double-stacked exhaust.  This is the type of stock system you hate to remove, but swap it out with an after market and you’ll break necks.

# 7.  2017 Ford GT

What replicate two hyperspace turbines ready for flight, Ford once again, created an Iconic look with it’s modern American supercar.  “Engage.”

#6.  2012 Ford “Boss 302” Mustang

Ford really flipped their lid on this exhaust.  Owners of the Boss were given a “track key” and when used and driven in track mode, access to the hidden electric cut-out side pipes could be activated. Can you see them?

#5.  2015 Chevy Corvette C7

What looks and sounds Italian, surprisingly came from an American auto manufacturer.  Set the car into track mode and the twin pipes are activated into four.   Which again, is another use of the American’s incorporating cut-out style systems.

#4. 2017 Bugati “Vision”

Unless you’re a sultan living in Dubai, you’ll never be able to afford this car.  Or — even have a chance to see it in person.  But you cannot deny the exhaust is a work of art which force the gas notes into a vortex like jet trail.

3. 2015 Porsche 918 Hybrid

Being refined as Porsche can be, sticking the exhaust pipes out the top of the hood is their way of loosening up the neck tie.  Which is exactly what Porsche did with the 918 Hybrid. Plus, when down shifting, nothing is cooler than seeing fire pop out the top end of the boot.

#2.  1968 Chevy Corvette

This system is iconic. Posters of this car adorned nearly every 10-year olds bedroom wall in the 70’s and if you happen to own a side-piped Corvette, you probably had to fight off people with a stick for a chance to ride in it.

#1.  2010 Pagani “Zonda”

Pure sex. Each piece of a Pagani vehicle is individually hand crafted like an art sculpture. The titanium exhaust is no exception. Which is why it’s number one on our list.