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Hailie Deegan Battles the Freedom 500!

Twenty Crown Victoria’s loaded with nitrous oxide battle out at the Freedom Factory
Hailie Deegan Freedom 500

Hailie Deegan is a professional stock car racing driver who competes full time in the NASCAR truck series, driving the #1 Ford F-150 for Gilliland Racing. But for one evening, she swapped her professionally engineered race truck for a beat down, 100,000 mile Ford, Crown Victoria to compete in the all new “Freedom 500” series put together by the Cleetus McFarland, hosted at his new “Freedom Factory” venue.


The  Freedom 500 is a hodgepodge of race car drivers, social media influencers, stunt drivers and pretty much anyone with enough clout, and kahuna’s to race around a rehabbed circle track; against a fleet Crown Victoria’s loaded with nitrous oxide and basic safety equipment. 


Needless to say, it’s a wild ride! ( Click here to watch the video! )


So wild, that one car blew up doing a nitrous burnout during race staging, and during a mid-race re-group, a crash car battle with the pace van took place. But with Hailie’s #62 car being a top pick for the overall win, and with her qualifying in third place, it looked as if Hailie had a good chance to take the overall victory.


But the race turned out to be nasty, as the Crown Victoria’s battled their way across patchy uneven asphalt, power sliding around every turn, and bashing into every body panel imaginable.  


Hailie Deegan Freedom 500


Sparks flew from the cars, smoke spewed from the tires, debris of broken headlamps covered the surface, as the Crown Vic’s were dropping like 90’s rap beats.  Several of the casualties included Shawn Elliot AKA: Murder Nova, Travis Pastrana, Diesel Dave and more. 


But as the laps came down to the final eight, a clutching battle between Randy Propst, Tanner Faust, Hailee Deegan and Adam LZ emerged – and that’s when tragedy struck. Hailie’s car took a crushing rear hit by LZ’s car, sliding her #62 Crown Vic into a wall and down into the exit pit.  Needless to say, her battle was over.  


Overall, the Freedom 500 is a spectacle for any racing fan to enjoy. It’s fast, it’s dirty, and truly showcases the roots of American stock car racing. Our hats off to Cleetus McFarland and Hailie Deegan’s first round at the Freedom 500.  Heck Ya Girl!  


Watch the video here!