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Emily Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Roxy

This Girl’s Dirty Habit is Turning Heads
Emily Reeves

A camera flashes. The burst of light fills a white studio as a photographer works passionately to get the perfect shot.  Each snap captures a tall blonde with hazel eyes, a subtle build with that girl-next-door look. Ready for her smile to adorn catalogs and magazines.  But little do we know, this cover model has a dirty little habit.

Meet Emily. She might be a professional fashion model and actress, but there’s one unique thing about this girl; when you see her, you’d probably never expect that she’s a nitty gritty gear head. We know that down in the lone star state of Texas women are made of a different breed. This girl however, is especially different! The sprit of the muscle car is woven into her like threads in a Teflon clutch disk. On any given summer day she’ll take her windows down in the Texas heat just to hear the lope of her cam, and when she received longtubes for Christmas — it was the best Christmas ever.

Her passion for turning wrenches began years ago with a boy — starting from a teenage love that turned husband and wife. “My husband is an awesome teacher, he taught me so much about cars with such patience and made it fun! Falling in love with him led to my falling in love with cars!”  She said. She went on talking about how her first vehicle was actually a truck; a 1976 Ford F150 pickup with a 302ci V8, and for her 16th birthday she received an engine rebuild kit and before you knew it — had that worn out small block breathing fire.

With a few Edelbrock goodies, a shift kit an 4.11’s in the rear, this truck was a not only a wild ride for the country roads, it was a teaser of what lay ahead.  But while dropping down shifts, her career was picking up and before she knew it – she was temporarily relocated oversees for work.  During that time, she held on to a poster of a 2005 GTO doing a rolling burnout, adding it to her bedroom wall of car posters and thought, THIS was her dream car and when she could, she’d have one of her own!

Months later and planted back in Texas, she knew she had to lasso up a new ride.  That’s where “Roxy” comes in.  “At the time I purchased it, I didn’t realize it was the same car as the poster I had hung” She continued, ‘It’s the same color, Torrid Red with a limited production sport appearance package! So wild that I ended up with that exact car.”

Once this rare goat was in her stall, it wasn’t long before Emily started modding her.  Before you know it, Roxy packed big heads, a fat cam and several more upgrades kicking her up to 440 horses. Emily daily drove her for ten years almost down to the month when things changed for them! A long awaited dyno day proved to tax the oil system a bit too much at 153k miles…  “During a baseline pull, number two main bearing decided to go and the sound was terrible. Everyone was standing around watching, saying ‘shut her off, SHUT HER OFF!’ It hit me that she’d have to be trailered home.”  Emily said.

But out of tragedy can arise triumph! Emily’s putting together a fantastic build after scooping up a LQ9 408ci stroker, complimented with a Scat 4340 forged crankshaft, Scat H-Beam Rods Diamond forged flattops, and ton more of parts on the list. But Emily’s deadly combination of charming looks and go fast parts aren’t just for show, recently she landed a sponsorship with Comp Cams with and launched a YouTube channel with videos following her build and the adventures that she finds herself in!

Apparently there’s a lot in-store for Roxy and Emily and we love the fact that these two have such a history as well.  With so much time under the hood, I know there’s got to be some great stories from behind the wheel.  So when asked what’s been the best experience with Roxy, Emily went right into the stories from her honeymoon in 2007! Get this, she and her husband took Roxy on Hot Rod Power Tour!  Starting in Ohio and making their way across the mid-west, they finally finished in Little Rock, Arkansas. She says it was one of the best experiences she’s ever had.  Plus, not only was it a great way to spend time together on the road with her husband, but along the way, they made several life-long friends.

So what’s the plan for Emily and Roxy now? She assured me that teaming up with Comp Cams will keep her busy and inspired to be at track events, learning new racing styles and appearances at shows around the country! Maybe even some air time on TV? At this point, I suggested a Steeda sport suspension –but I’m sure she has that covered. Besides — this isn’t the last we’ll see of this Texan and her dirty habits.

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