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Refining the Way to Treat Leather

Dr. Beasley's Fine Leather Prescription
Dr Beasleys Product review

We stumbled across Dr. Beasley’s products last summer during a photo shoot with Claudia Moren.  At that time, we were amazed at the quality of this magic little bottle bringing life back into the black engine plastics and after a bit of research, we began to realize this is a go-to brand for many luxury and exotic car retailers.  So when it came time for us to review a product for leather maintenance, we of course had to put Dr. Beasley’s to the test.

Scanning the website you can find an array of leather cleaners and conditioners for any situation, but to do the entire job right, the choice is the Fine Leather Prescription. This kit includes the Fine Leather Cleanser, Opti-Leather Cleanser, Leather Cream and Leather Lock.  Now for a regular car owner, this amount of product may seem like overkill, but if you’re meticulous about your car, and want to keep your leather supple and soft looking, then keep reading.

Upon receiving the kit, it’s very noticeable the packaging is detailed and well thought out — similar to purchasing an Apple product.  Small details can be considered an extension of the time and consideration put into the development of products by the team at Dr. Beasley’s.  Tearing open the packaging is almost hurtful, but for the sake of leather maintenance, we moved forward.

Beginning with with the Fine Leather cleanser, after a deep vacuuming, the cleanser is sprayed and gently wiped onto the surface with a micro fiber cloth. The cleanser is designed to break down the oils and residues, without damaging or discoloring high-grade leathers.  To the nose, it has a soft aroma with a subtle cleanser-like smell and finished clean with a residue-free surface.

Next was the Opti-Leather Cleanser.  Not only is this good for leather seats, but we used the cleanser on the dashboard and leather accents as well.  Applied gently in a circle motion with a soft horsehair brush, this cleanser penetrates the embedded dirt within the pores and crevasses. This is a deeper cleaning agent that can even remove tough stains, embedded dirt and even scuffmarks.  Plus the aroma carries a slight hint of sweet lemon.

Moving on to conditioning, the Leather Cream is our next product. Dabbing the open end of the bottle onto a microfiber applicator, the cream lays thick and has a soft natural lotion aroma due to the lanolin ingredient. It’s designed to keep the leather oiled and yet protected from damaging UV rays, so be slightly generous in the amounts you use.  Also when applying the cream, one should remember not to press hard and stretch the leather, it should be applied gently and evenly massaged.  And even thought it looks very wet at first, after massaging and letting set, the leather surface returns to its natural matte finish without any residue.

Lastly, the Leather Lock was applied. This was simply sprayed directly onto the surface and smoothly wiped down with a microfiber cloth.  Designed as a preventive maintenance step, the Leather lock is to protect the surface from stains and oils. Contrary to the three previously products, the Leather Lock has is nearly aroma free and completely unnoticeable after drying.

Overall, the entire leather maintenance process took about thirty-five minutes from start to finish, which is not large amount of time at all considering the investment you’re protecting.  Every three to four months, add this project to your normal detailing routine and you’ll be thanking yourself a few years down the road.

All four products in the Fine Leather Prescription kit has is own unique role, and also a concern was the difference in aromas combined after all four where used together, but when finished, the interior smells, looks and feels amazing.  We can see why most luxury car retailers use these products. So thanks’ to Dr. Beasley’s, you now have a reason to refine the way to treat your leather.