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Dazzled in Pink!

Salt Lake City Automotive Painter Christy Davis
Christy Davis

Like a pink fog.  Paint fumes hover in the garage while the sound of a paint gun swooshes — as if breathing life onto the Mustang body panels.  Like practicing Thai Chi, the painter fans the gun back and forth as she lays down a final coat.  Stepping back and gazing at the fresh color, the pink fog clear as she pulls off her breathing mask. Once again, Christy Davis has created a piece of art out of a dull looking car.

But it’s not as if this is her first time in a garage. Growing up in Richfield Utah, she was born into a household of horsepower.  Her father of which, owned a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air, and 1967 Chevy Chevelle, that he street raced, paraded to car shows and taught Christy nearly every thing she knows.


“I grew up with my dad racing the Bel-Air and became addicted at a very young age.”  She says.  But her first car was far from being a hot rod. Sporting around in a 1990 Geo Metro didn’t have the spice she was used too, so she decided to change it up a bit.

“I custom painted it three times myself in order to learn how to do auto body.” She says.  So with her homegrown skills for color and finish, Christy went on to obtain her degree in automotive refinishing and eventually moved on to working as a painter in the auto industry over the next eight years.

The Geo Metro actually gained quite a bit of traction and won several car shows for it’s custom pink paint job, but having a little four banger just wasn’t doing the trick.  That’s when she upgraded to 2006 Mustang.  Although the car was only a V6, the Mustang was enough to hold over her “muscle car” needs.  She named the car “Sugar” and even painted on a set of light-pink lace flames for show and shine.


By the time she turned twenty-nine, she and her husband relocated to Salt Lake City and it wasn’t long before she was ready to get back to her roots of drag racing.  This time, she traded up the 2006, V6 Mustang to a 2014 “Track Pack” GT, backed by a “Coyote” V8.

After getting the car, she installed a Borla “Attack” cat-back exhaust system, and the car was also complimented with Recaro racing seats, Schroth racing harness seat belts, Brembo 6-piston brakes, and lowered FMS coil springs for stance and a custom tune for a little extra horsepower at the track.  But of course, she couldn’t have a car with stock paint.

To spice up the exterior, she sprayed on a custom paint job in PPG “Pure Pearl Pink,” and dubbed her bold new ride, “Floyd.”  Together the two have been racing and creating a visually stunning image in the automotive scene.  To do this, she began video documenting her drag races and spicing up her social feeds with modeling shoots that’s displayed across her media channels. Up to now, she’s grained serious traction on the pavement and in digital space, but it wasn’t long before she was faced with a serious issue within a male dominated industry.


“While attending a race in Idaho, I was sexually harassed very badly.”  She continues to say, “ I know Floyd is just a car, but it was really nice to have her there because after the incident, I would hide and lock myself in the car.  I just felt like she was protecting me and keeping me safe throughout that entire trip and because of that, I developed a connection with this car that I haven’t had with any other vehicle.”

With a bold outlook and determination to keep on the gas, Christy continued to move forward with her head held high. “Lately I’ve been racing out it Rocky Mountain Raceway and Utah Motorsports campus for the season of 2017” She say’s. “I’ve been learning so much and I am going to back to school to learning automotive mechanics in 2018!”


Though now days, she reserves her skill of painting cars as a hobby and for one-off custom jobs while she’s continuing to move forward with her drag racing and going to back to tech schooling for mechanics. 

“Of course I am going to be doing a few more cosmetic things to the Mustang.” She says. “I’m also planning on doing more suspension work to help me take off from the line when I race!  All we can say is that with tech skills, racing game and dangerous looks, the automotive scene in Salt Lake better watch out!