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Here's a Few Sunday Afternoon Suggestions
Superfast Movie

When you’re not in the garage busting knuckles, tearing up the asphalt or kicking rocks in parking lots, there is the time in-between.  So instead of diving back into the usual movie flick that you’ve probably watched a thousand times – here’s a list of tire-burning titles that will cure any high-octane fix.

Super Fast (2014)

A spoof to the entire Fast and Furious chain, the film packs every F&F title into a giant taco supreme-like feature topped with slapstick humor, overly acted scenes and sadly written comedy.  The bad part is; you may end up quoting this movie for years to come.

Initial D (2005)

Based from a Japanese manga series, turned animation, turned live action movie, this film takes place in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan. Following a delivery boy driving the local mountain for Tofu runs, he develops serious drifting skills.  Meanwhile, the local mountain racers push to challenge those skills. The race action is good, story line is well written, and the film ends on sad but inspirational note.

Need for Speed (2012)

Lead actor Arron Paul (Toby Marshall) is caught in the middle of clearing his name for the murder of his friend. To do this he must race across North America, eventually ending up in a mysterious hyper-car road race named, The De’Leon.  Packed with everything including muscle cars to extreme hyper-cars, from start to finish, this film has every bit of eye and sound candy for the modern enthusiasts

Grand Prix (1966)

Steve McQueen originally turned down this role, leaving it open for actor James Garner.  McQueen’s mistake. This film won three academy awards for it’s technical achievements and you’ll see why when you watch it.  With cameras attached to the Grand Prix F1 cars, the race scenes are visually epic.  Although the story line is slow, the sites and sounds are worth the downtime in-between.

Drive (2011)

Aside from the movie The Notebook, Ryan Gosling has played many offbeat roles of deranged characters – as such the character in Drive. The plot is about a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver.  Unfortunately having a bit of a good heart, he ends up placing himself into getaway job that that goes south.  Although the movie slows down to a snail crawl before the climax, hold on for an action packed finish with a damn good car chase and deadly acts.

Rush (2013)

Directed by Ron Howard, surprisingly Rush wasn’t a major box office hit.  The film glorifies the rivalry between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula 1 motor-racing season.  Despite the sensationalized version of between the character relationships and subtle inaccuracies here and there, it’s “Rock and Roll meets Formula 1.”

Taxi  (1998)

Staged in France. A pizza delivery driver takes his extreme driving skills to an entire new level in the taxi business.  With a Bond inspired, Peugeot 406 he’s stuck in wrong the wrong place at the wrong time, he ends up getting crossed with the local mob and French police.  The film is action packed with bursts of dry comedy and certainly worthy of lazy afternoon watch.

Born to Race (2011)

Search Netflix and you should be able to find this movie.  Staged around a rebellious, but talented young teenage race car driver who crashes during an impromptu street race, is forced to relocate and stay in a desert valley with his distant father.  All in all, the two mend a broken family relationship meanwhile confronting local race thugs.