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Braking Through the Limits

Russian Drift Beauty Valeria Mukovozova
Valeria Mukovozova

Clutch.  Throttle.  Hand brake.  Turn.  Slide.  Now release and continue with the momentum to set for the next corner.  Like clockwork, creating a drift is more than just fancy footwork and wheel jogging, it’s about patience, and control and knowing the limits of how far you can take your vehicle.  For Valeria, she’s been getting her feet wet melting tires in Russia at her local drift circuit, but now things have gone far past serious.

“I am more and more beginning to take in the world of drifting.” She says.  “Though it had nothing to do with the profession I studied!”  Instilled with the love of cars by her dad.  She grew up as his assistant while he worked as a mechanic and raced cars. He of course never wanted her to follow his footsteps, and sent Valeria off to college, but he knew it may be inevitable that one day his little girl would eventually sit behind the racing wheel — and he accepted it.

During the summer of 2013, Valeria was spectating the Street Legal Drift Championship of Vladivostok at the Zmeinka circuit, “At that moment I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the road . . . I immediately loved the drift.”  She said.  So her dad helped her prepare a machine for the season of 2015 drift season – and it was game on.

“I don’t know how I did it to learn.” She says.  “I’ve just worked hard getting involved in with this love. Perhaps it rather depends on the willingness and people who are close to you and day by day believe in you more than yourself.” Thus far, Valeria’s attracted quite a following, while picking up a few wins here and there including a 3rd place at the largest Street Drift event in Vladivostok, Russia.

“I always dream about the car.” She says. Which is a highly modified 350 horsepower Nissan, Silva S15 named “Slivka.”  Fully built for competition, it’s currently sitting on a pile of modifications including a modified SR 20DET motor with HKS GTII Turbo, Nismo 740cc injectors, HKS headers, APEXI intake and aftermarket fuel management system and of pile of suspension components.

The interior is stocked with Recaro drivers bucket, OMP steering wheel, Takata belts and RAZO pedals while being guarded by a 5-point roll cage to keep Valeria safe while sliding around on Kiwami wheels and Toyo tires.  Overall, her S15 is a perfect example of a drift car platform.

Now with a few years under her belt, Valeria is planning to expand outside of her local circuit and begin competing regionally.  Dancing on pavement with the best in Russia, won’t be an easy task, but any competitor would be glad to tango with this beauty.  Overall, the 2017 will be a testament to Valeria to see if she can brake through the limits.