BRAUM Racing Seats

When it comes to custom car seats we can always name the legacy brands, Recaro, Sparco, Simpson and others, but in recent years one company is taking the look of custom car seats to a new galaxy, and that company is BRAUM Racing.

Beginning as just a small boutique niche of products, nearly 20 years later, this company is making headway into the mainstream and we can see they’re not going away. With product options including materials of leather, leatherette, suede and various luxurious textiles, BRAUM Racing seats are not just about the materials used, but the design.  One cannot deny the line-up of seat designs are next level in style, fit and looks.  

BRAUM Racing provides a wide variety of seat options, from sport to racing and even boutique custom one-off designs. They also offer accessories such as belt harnesses, bracket and more. When it comes to fitting a seat, or design options for your custom car or build, they’re tech is available to make sure the fit is dead on.  

Check out their entire product line here at

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