Race Suits for Women

When you’re out on the track, or even just participating just an open event day, there’s nothing more important that protecting yourself from the elements of disaster.  We all love to invest in modifying our cars, but if you’re an avid track participant, one priority investment you should consider is your suit. So here’s a few top choices that we picked for under $1,000.

1.  Alpine Stars Stella GP Pro suit

There is no surprise most moto and automotive professionals chose Alpinestars as their protective gear. Known for utilizing the most advance design features and safety in the industry, you can never go wrong with this brand, but you will pay the price.

The Stella GP suit is 3-layer design, that was developed and optimized for a women’s physic. With a performance fit for flexibility, the GP offers excellent levels of breathability and comfort. This suit incorporates multi-layers of advanced heat protection and safety materials, while developed in Formula 1, WEC and ASCAR and tested by the world’s best female drivers with a SFI 3.2/5 safety rating.

2. Simpson Vixen II Racing Suit

Simpson no stranger to the racing industry. Their niche products have been focused on driver safety since day one, launching their start in the drag racing industry in the late 50’s. In present day, the brand is well trusted brand in all race sanctions.

The Vixen II racing suit is a 2-layer design, fitted for the womens physic, and although this suit is a 2-layer, not 3-layer design, the Vixen II still meets the SFI 3.2/5 protection requirements.  The suit is stylish and accentuates the curves while giving comfort and movement for the racer.   The design curves smoother along the body shape, with strategic darts, providing less bulk and a sleek silhouette.

3. Sparco Competition US

Sparco is known for its diverse range of motorsport products, including racing seats, steering wheels and even gaming accessories, and needless to say, they provide racing apparel as well.  The unfortunate part is their new line-up of race suits do not provide a female inspired fit.

None less, the Sparco Competition US is a 3-layer, universal fit, all-new lightweight suit which offers superior fire protection, breathability and comfort. The Competition US is made from the latest generation fabrics which offer a soft lightweight outer fabric and breathable inserts at the sides and underarms and large stretch panels for maximum comfort. The Competition US is SFI 3.2A/5 approved

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