Ramp Up Your Day!

While working in the Midwest, our staff had the opportunity to attend a local track night at Gateway International raceway in Saint Louis.  All we can say — is that there is serious drag racing going on in that town. The pit area was congested with local racers staggered throughout the parking lot with trailers and pit jacks.  The smell of rubber and race fuel burned our noses as each pair of pavement pounders launched down the drag strip.

Walking throughout the event it was obvious, like most of us, we’re on small budgets with limited help and trailer space.   Which is why this particular product stood out.

The Race Ramp.

Surprisingly, putting the Race Ramp together is what caught our attention.  This specific product was the RR-56-2.  A lightweight, two-piece unit that slides together, creating an overall 56-inch ramp. This unit can lift your vehicle 8 inches from the ground and will fit under cars with as little as 7.25-inch nose ground clearance.


The best feature of this ramp, is the fact you can break it down.  Plus being made of a lightweight polymer creates a perfect track or garage companion that saves space and helps from breaking your back, by lifting heavy jacks or elongated steel ramps.

Visiting the Race Ramps website, we found a few more features including the option of extenders for extremely low vehicles, removal of the first section for easy under car access, no slip under surface, and the carrying straps.


Although, these particular model ramps retail at the price of $240, it’s a great investment in your time, decrease of headaches, space — and your back!  Overall we give the Race Ramps a big thumbs up for creativity in design and mechanical use.

Check out the reviewed ramps, plus all of the other innovative ramp solutions provided by Race Ramps at; http://www.raceramps.com

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