The Queen BRZ

Today we step “In the Garage” with Crystal known as “Queen BRZ” and her Subaru.  Together they’re starting automotive adventures documenting car installation tutorials and more, so let’s dig into her story and find out what she’s up too!

Name: Crystal, AKA: “QueenBRZ”

Location: California

Instagram: @queeenbrz

Vehicle: 2017, Subaru BRZ

SG: Start with telling us how you go into cars?

The truth is, I wasn’t always into cars. The one who introduced me to the car scene was my boyfriend. He drives a Subaru STI and would always take me to his little car meets. After a while of going to these meets, his friends became my friends and I started developing an interest for cars.

The first time I laid eyes on a Subaru BRZ, I knew that was the car I wanted. One of my friends had directed me to the 86two6 car meets, Which at the time was purely BRZ’s, FRS’s, and 86’s. That’s where I really started networking and learning more about this car that I had such an interest for. For about two years I would attend these meets taking pictures of these cars and just learning.

SG: So when did you finally get your BRZ?

In February 2018, I went to the car dealership just to look at the BRZ’s there. It was seriously fate because they had the exact color BRZ I wanted and they also had the performance package that I wanted. Since it was a 2017 though, it was the last one they had in stock and the price was reasonable so I had to act fast. As you already know, I bought it!


SG: Wow, that was recent! So does the car already have a name?

 It does, and it’s Nigel haha.  Although, there is no story behind the name — I just really like it!

SG: What were the first modifications on Nigel?

First was a Greddy SP Axel back exhaust which also required me to install a mid pipe because the mid pipe that came with the 2017 BRZ didn’t fit the exhaust.  I’ve also done my shifter bushings, lowering springs, and the most recent things I’m installing are sway bars. I also have a few more modifications coming soon but that is still in the works.

SG: That’s quite a bit so far.  Do you perform most of the work yourself?

Absolutely! I do all my own work on my car. But of course I’m still learning, so my boyfriend helps guide me through a lot of what I’m doing —  but I don’t let him touch anything! (Laughing) I’m very prideful and want to be able to say that all the work that has been done, was done by me.


SG: You’ve also began documenting your installs, tell us about that.

Yes. We started a YouTube channel together called “QueenBRZ,” where I do car installation tutorials. It started off as just a fun little hobby, but to our surprise, it has grown a lot within the last two and a half months we’ve been doing it. I think the craziest thing is when people recognize me when I’m out and about in public. That’s how I know this could really be something big if we keep it up with good content.

 SG: That’s great to hear, and mechanics is a learning experience. Have you had any mess ups on video so far? (Laughing).

Oh yeah!  One time, when I was doing an oil change video and I was draining the oil, I forgot to open up the drain on the oilpan. Anyone want to guess what happened next? Yes, the hot oil overflowed, got all over the garage floor and my poor boyfriend burned his hand trying to open the drain from the pan filled with hot oil. It was so horrible. At least I know that will never happen again because I will ALWAYS check to make sure that drain is open!

SG:  . . . And that your car is cooled down! (Laughing) So what are your next adventures?

I did autocross for the first time just recently, and that was one of the best experiences I’ve had with my car so far. It was so much fun! What I loved about autocross is that you don’t need a super fast car to get a good time. All you need is the skill and probably some good tires, (Laughing)


SG: You’re right, it’s why Autocross one of the fastest growing motorsports right now.  So how did you do?

Since it was my first time, I didn’t do amazing, but I learned a lot and definitely improved. My first run time was 48 seconds, and by the end of the day, I was running 42 seconds. I can’t wait for my next track day so I can try and break 42. If I can get it down to 39, I can die! (Laughing)

SG: New tires and maybe coilsprings would help with that!  We just performed a review on Pedders and they make great kits for the BRZ . . .  anyways, is there anything else on near future?

As far as future plans go, I want to keep doing what I’m doing which is blogging my car adventures, making tutorials, and maybe even featuring other people’s cars down the line once I’ve done all I wanted to do with my car. Just knowing that I’m impacting people and inspiring other girls like me is what really makes this whole experience amazing. I love to share my story and to my surprise, a lot of people want to hear it and I think that is so cool!

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