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Klaudia Black

Some of the worst modifications for your car

(This car is obviously modified correctly.  Photo source: Super Street Online)



When it comes to modifying cars we have the good, the bad and the ugly.  In fact, I could probably write an entire book on bad modifications for cars.  Of course, we’re not all professional mechanics or body repair people, but for obvious reasons -- here are a few that you should seriously stay away from. The photo above not being one of them.



Gotta strap bro?

When is the last time you ran your car off the course of a racetrack and planted yourself to be stuck into the gravel?  Or broke a rear axle launching at 4,000 RPMs during a holeshot when the staging lights turned green?  If you have never taken your car racing, then why do you need a tow hook?  It’s like a fake earring hanging off of your nose -- and all of your friends know it.




This thing really sucks!

Surprisingly many auto manufacturers are culprits of this trend and it’s been going on for years.  But did you know that air vents are actually put on vehicles for a reason?  If you place a scoop on the side quarter panel in front of the rear wheel, it's for venting the rear brakes.  If you add one to your hood, it’s for cold air induction, or engine heat removal.  So there’s nothing more amateur looking or amusing to a gearhead than seeing plastic scoops 3M taped to a car.




Sweeeeet Primerfiber.

Being in the middle of an auto body repair and having a primed panel to be painted is one thing.  But leaving primer on for aesthetic reasons is another.  No body arrives at a show or meet and says, “Look at that sweet primer.”  In fact, primer will soak up chemicals and dirt and leave you doing more body repairs in the long run if exposed without covering with paint.  So if you want to have primer look, use satin automotive finish paint.




Straight up bro!

We love performance cars and we love loud exhaust.  But nothing says “I’m a d-bag.” more than waking up everybody in the next five zip codes. Plus, there’s a thing called back pressure that cylinder valves need; and when you have loss of that over a period of time, the valve seats can burn out very quickly.  Once suggestion for having loud exhaust is installing electric or manual cut outs or a high-flow performance exhaust system.



Time to attack!

Yes. Time attack wings look very cool.  But not when attached to the trunk of a Cobalt that’s parked outside of Wal-Mart. Wings should be applied in moderation per the car type and it’s speed capacity.  If you have an ACR Viper or an LS1 swapped 370Z, please move forward.  If you’re a stock Acura Integra, please stand back.



Stance overboard.

Press a button, drop the car and walk away.  It’s like art to actually see stance used appropriately.  But when catching a “stance” ride rolling down the boulevard with the wheel beads scraping the fender wells – it’s not only cringing, but makes onlooker think; “Why the hell would they drive their car with the air ride system broke?”  Or -- “What a fucking idiot!!”  So take your pick.



Put the brakes on it

I agree.  Powder coated or properly painted calipers look cool, and they are a nice accent to a car that is modified.  But when brightly painted calipers (And even worse; covered calipers)  are gripping stock rotors and brakes, it’s just pointing out the lack of modifying that’s actually  there.  Sigh.



Look at me!

The new after-cooler is hung and front suspension work finally on.  Good job.  So now, everyone in the entire city should see it!  Not really.  Driving a car with the front engine exposed outside of drift events or car shows is not only silly, but also opens the risk the people that would just love to tamper with it.  Hopefully there’s a toolbox or spare set of spark plug wires in the trunk.



Foiled you

If the roof looks like  a rear diffuser is taped to it, you’re probably going a little overboard.  But who knows. You might just be able to draft a touch better when racing you friends down the highway.



DIY -- again. And again. And again.

I don’t even need to write anything here.  Plastic dip not only chips, peels, scratches but looks really bad when it does.  If you’re considering auto flex wrap for your wheels. Take the time to have them coated professionally or just have them powder coated for a lasting look.






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