Turbos vs. Superchargers - Part 2


By Klaudia Black

A Wicked Cool 3-D Guide by Tyroola

Image by  Tyroola


Ahhhh yes. That whistling sound created by a blower drive gear.  Or that swoosh of the turbo blow-off valve.  Nothing can beat the sounds and sites of lifting a hood and looking down at a power adder -- or slamming the gas pedal and feeling the torque push you back into the seat.


During our last lesson in Boost 101, (Turbos vs. Superchargers) I covered the basics of how each of these two power-adders work, along with the pros and cons of each.  Now that you have the basics down, I’d like to go a bit further and break down different styles of supercharger are and turbo systems.


To help out, let's look at a website developed by the auto tire supplier “Tyroola” that uses motion graphics to show how air is entered and exited by the various types of systems.  Now because I know everything I type after this will be completely ignored – just visit the website here  and be prepared to stare for several minutes . . . possibly hours.








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