The Tumi CFX Collection


Carbon Fiber Meets the Fashion Industry


Carbon fiber is material designed for strength. It's woven together, then frozen into the shapes of mechanical parts.  Some of the most brilliant racing and luxury machines incorporate carbon fiber.  But now the Tumi company, known for high-end luxury bags, is weaving this material into your daily fashion with a new line of carbon fiber lifestyle accessories dubbed, CFX.


Partnering with the American manufacture, Carbitex, the carbon fiber is processed in way that creates a soft, flexible version and is integrated into luxury travel bags, laptop cases and even wallets.  The products are beautiful in design and texture and reflect their machine-like counterparts in the performance world.



Just like a high-end performance machine, there is always a high-end price. Although with such aesthetically pleasing, conversation starting accessories -- splurging a wallet or portfolio brief would be worth digging up the dough.  Overall, the collection is performance driven, fashionable, and will certainly stand the test time.


To view the entire Tumi CFX carbon fiber collection, click here:






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By Adam Riley - January 2016

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