The New Top Gear UK


What to Expect From the New Series


These days, automotive journalist Jeremy Clarkson is a household name -- and so is his temper.  In 2014, his last tantrum crashed the entire BBC series, Top Gear, into a brick wall.  Picking up the pieces of an eighteen-season run is a hefty task, but the BBC has finally restored its money wagon with four new hosts driving this rehabbed ride.


In the drivers seat is Chris Evans.  A gingerly man with a seasoned career as an English presenter for television, radio and broadcast.  He has written several books and is the host for several London radio shows. Although a very popular host, he has no established role in the automotive community, but can certainly afford any car on Top Gear; being he is noted as one of the highest paid entertainers in the UK.


In the passengers seat is reported to be “bad boy” Chris Harris, who is a seasoned automotive journalist, formerly writing for EVO" and Autocar publications, and later branched off with his own,  self-started You-Tube Drive series dubbed, “Chris on Cars.”  Harris is a professional driver holding a 4th Place in the 24-Hour Le Mans endurance race, and is banned by both Lamborghini and Ferrari motor companies to review their products: in “Lou” of speaking his mind.


In the back seat, is the lovely racecar driver, Sabine Schmitz.  Being raised in the German city of Nurburg, (Hence, Nurburgring) she spent her entire life driving the track.  She has been quoted to have driven the circuit nearly 30,000 times and has competed in several challenges there, earning the nickname, “Queen of the Nurburgring.”  It would be interesting to see a challenge against her and the Stig.


Riding alongside Sabine is the former Formula 1 Driver David Coulthard who drove for both Redbull Racing and Mclaren Motor Company.  Since his track days, has hosted television series’ including the BBC Sports: Formula 1 races and “The Race.”


Reformatting the Top Gear series with a four-host entourage, will certainly give the show a bit of diversity, especially with a fist full of racing talent on board.  But will this rehab ride race its way to cash-cow city?  Or will it restored family wagon?  Only time will tell.  But one thing is certain, in May of 2016, all eyes will be on the BBC.






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