Cars and Burlesque!


"Tonya Kay's Pinup Pole Show" Hosts it All


As a surprise, an invitation was given to us by our recent feature Tonya Kay, to attend her very own production of “Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show.”  Who in their right mind would turn down such an offer?  This show is an integration of a classic cruise-in, topped of with a sultry and fun burlesque show, all of which takes place in northern Hollywood.


Upon arrival, an array of classic cars glistened while more rolled in, to continue filling the parking lot, including an extremely clean1956 Chevy 210 sedan.  Later it was found out this vehicle is actually owned by love lady named Nikki.  She along with her sister both own classics.  The other being a ’1965 Ford Falcon.  Venting along and hearing great stories from several owners was a blast.  Scattered about where several lovely pinup girls posing one after another, along the rows of vintage cars.




After a soaking up the chromed out eye candy and snapping a few more photos, it was time to head inside.  Most of the crowd was already seated and eagerly awaiting.  That’s when the house lights dimmed and music kicked in.  In center stage Tonya appeared, and one by one the ladies shuffled out.  All together, the girls rhythmically sassed their way off the stage, through the crowd and into the middle of the room at where stood, what seemed to be, a twenty-foot competition pole.



For nearly an hour and half, the girls performed their skit.  One after another, they dazzled the crowd in the art of burlesque.  Every time one could think, “Wow. That was the best performance . . .” the next one was just as good.  Overall, Tonya Kay’s "Pinup Pole Show" is bursting with cute, comical and daringly sexy ladies -- all leaving you with a desire to have more.  But what else would expect from a show that’s produced -- by a burlesque gear head.


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