Cornering Eye Candy??

There’s a lot more to this sexy duo

By Adam Riley - April, 2015



Throttle blips, heel toe shifts, squelching tires through narrow paved corners – it’s what makes driving exciting. Welcome to northern California, where the local raceways and road courses are filled with weekend warriors abusing their driving skills and pushing throttle deep into the action.


Catch up on any race weekend in these parts, and most likely you’ll spot Thadya in the corners -- matching the revs like she’s a natural. But it’s not as if this girl woke up one day and suddenly wanted to race. This semi-pro sponsored corner carver caught the fever in a way, similar to many.


Under a light chuckle she said, “It actually started with the Fast and the Furious movie.”


I actually laughed but despite the movie’s Star Wars like “NOS” scenes, you can’t argue that the F&F franchise changed the automotive scene. Some good. Some obviously bad. But with Thadya, we can say this was definitely a win.


So whether it was the persuasion of Vin’s bi’s or Paul’s baby blues, Thadya eventually found her way into an automotive training course at Pasadena City College. Along with proper training and hanging out with her friends at Tech 3 Performance, Thadya had transformed into a total gear head. From there it was no looking back, and her pristine stock Integra soon found it’s way to the local raceway.  “After my first track day in 2011, I’ve been hooked ever since.” Thadya said.



Since then, she has been attacking the tracks and worked her way up to being one of the fastest female drivers in town. These days, she’s backed by several sponsors including K1 Speed and Rota Wheels USA. Landing sponsors is no joke and either is her driving.  She has consistently pulled off impressive feats at Buttonwillow and Thunderhill, including a 1st Runner-Up, Club Integra Time Attack Competition win, despite having the lowest horsepower out of the participants, and averaging (Level 3) lap times at Buttonwillow. “This goes to show, you don’t need horsepower to be fast on the track.” She says.


But Thadya’s automotive knowledge and driving skills don’t make her the only vixen to feast your eyes on -- the other heartbreaker is her 2001 Acura GS named “Crosser.”  This ride sports enough custom and aftermarket parts to make the local boys hot. Upgrades on this beauty include a Comptech Icebox intake Kit, JDM ITR Intake Manifold, JDM ITR 4-1 header with skid plate, Auto Power Roll Bar, JDM ITR 5-lug conversion (36mm), Raxles Custom 36mm Racing Axle, PIC Performance P2 Coil-overs with 140 Swift springs, Comptech adjustable sway bar, Recaro RSG . . . holy bejesus!  I could go on for quite a while -- her build list is massive!


But within all of the upgrades, Thadya highlighted the one-off custom built APR Performance CF GTC-200 Wing and CF

Wind Splitter with support rods. I have to

say these are worthwhile investments, not only for the aerodynamics, but they just add sexy to the picture.  But being fast and sexy doesn’t happen overnight. Over the years, Thadya has transformed herself and

 “Crosser” into what you see them as today.



So what’s is the best feeling about your car I asked? Thinking about it for a moment, Thadya replied, “Every time I attend a track day my car attracts a lot of attention, which leads to me building new relationships with car enthusiasts as well as potential sponsors.”  She continued, “They really acknowledge, and respect the idea of a woman going out there and taking control of what is basically a male dominated sport.” I completely agree, even though this is one sexy duo, Thadya’s mechanical and driving skills make this pair a lot more than just cornering eye candy.


There’s a lot more going on with Thadya and her Integra.  Keep up to date by following her on Instagram @ thadyavirginia


Thadya would like to give special thanks too:


- K1 Speed

- Rota Wheels USA

- Tech 3 Performance

- Brian Z

- SpeedFreaks USA

- APR Performance


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Owner: Thadya V.

Age: 25

Location: Northern California

Car: “Crosser” A 2001 Acura Integra GS

Build List:






Apexi WSII Cat-Back with Comptech Muffler

Blacktrax Custom Baffle Oil Pan

Comptech Icebox Intake kit

Innovative Billet Motor Mounts

Invidia Testpipe

JDM ITR header 4-1 w/ Skid Plate


Engine Accessory:

Spoon Sport Reservoirs Covers



PIC Performance P2 Coilovers w/ 140 Swift Springs (12k/14k)

Comptech Adjustable 22mm Sway Bar

Comptech Subframe Brace

Raxles Custom 36mm Racing Axles

Spoon Sports Zero Bump Steer Kit (Extended Balljoints)


Braking/ Resistance :

Project Mu Club Racer Brake Pads (Front)

StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads (Rear)

Stoptech Stainless Steel Brakelines

JDM ITR 5-Lug Conversion

- 36mm Hub JDM ITR Axles

- ITR Brake Rotor and Calipers


Rims and Rubber :

Toyo R1R (205/45 r16)

Rota Wheels:

- Fighter 16X7 (Daily)

- Slipstreams 16X8 (Track)



PLX DM-6 Multigauge

PLX SM-AFR Wideband

PLX Kiwi Bluetooth


Exterior :

APR Performance Custom CF GTC-200 Wing

APR Performance Custom CF Wind Splitter With Rods

Honda Access Window Visors

Bumper Guards

Comptech Lip

Project Kics Leggdura Purple Lug Nuts



Alpine CDE-125EBT

Infinity 6012i Reference Speakers

AutoPower Roll Bar

Broadway Rear-View Mirrior

CTR Shift Knob Nut

CTR ITR Shift Knob

*ITR Door Panels

ITR Armrest Delete

ITR 98 Spec Plaque

JDM ITR CF Cluster

JDM ITR CF Window Switches

JDM ITR CF Door Handle Covers

JDM ITR CF Climate Control

JDM ITR CF Cup Holder

JDM ITR Amber Clock

JDM ITR E-brake

JDM ITR Shift Boot w/ Red Stitching

JDM ITR RHD 5-Piece Floor Mats

Momo Mod 78 Steering Wheel

JDM Recaro RSG Seat (Driver side)

JDM Recaro SR6 Seat (Passanger side)

S2000 Kodokan's Custom McGard Seat Locks

Takata 6-point Harness

Works Bell Rapid II Quick Release

Works Bell Short Hub

Works Bell Lock






Is a registered trademark of the United States

 Copyright and Patent Office.