Street Car Takeover


Saint Louis Flexes its Muscles for the Series


Gateway Motorsports Park.  Saint Louis, Missouri.  The smell of burnt rubber filled the air as two cars just finished warming the rear tires at the staging lanes. The massive cloud of smoke bellows out and around to the backside of the spectator stands, softy passing through the pits like a slow rolling fog.  The cars were staged and waiting, along with hundreds more in line, to take their stab at racing into the final round of the Street Car Takeover.


The SCT event is a twelve city race series that incorporates a pre-event party, car show, and drag racing elimination event.  The main sponsor is Procharger, which is more that evident due to the displays, product mentions and vehicles running their centrifugal power adders.  But along with the mix includes the 1320 crew and members from the Street Outlaws series.


Walking through the pits at this event, you can see the culture of Midwestern race vehicles is a bit different than compared to the west or east coasts.  It’s a spectrum of gas-aholic mayhem, where nearly anything goes.  From jacked up turbo diesel trucks to nine-second streetcars.



Standing out in pit row we caught up with Malorie Woods and her 2012 twin turbocharged Mustang.  After what she called a “bad pass,” pulling off a low ten-second run, she was more than willing to chat about her car and even host an impromptu photo-shoot.  Keep an eye out within the upcoming months, for a feature on this girl.




Later we ran into “Cutty” from the Street Outlaws television series. When seeing this car in-person, the gravity of what it takes to compete on the television show sinks in.  Being a gracious host, he pointed out a few custom features on the Andrade Racing Cutlass Supreme, including the side-mount radiator, reversed headers and massive turbo set-up.




Despite the rain on Friday night during the pre-party at PUR Performance, the event was an overall success. Car owners in Saint Louis are thirsty for racing and it shows.  So keep your eyes peeled for the next Streetcar Take over.  It just may show up in your neck of the woods.



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