SpeedMaster Downdraft EFI


By Quorra

Old school looks.  New school EFI.


Leaving SEMA 2017 with 8 product awards is a big statement for any aftermarket manufacturer.  Speedmaster has been developing high horsepower after market products for over 27 years, and one new exciting item is the “down-draft” style EFI systems.


Available for most popular Chevy and Ford motors, the SpeedMaster Downdraft EFI systems combine old school looks, with easily programmable EFI management systems by utilizing the FAST standalone FMU.  The intake systems cans be programmed to handle up to 1,000 horsepower.


Features include systems available in black or silver satin topped of with CNC machined aluminum trumpets, that sit on top Speed Master CNC machined throttle bodies composed of 601 heat treated aluminum.


 The intake systems also include billet aluminum fuel rails and an adjustable high pressure fuel regulator.  Whether your looking for a “Cross-Ram” or traditional “Down-Draft” system, the Speedmaster intake system will certainly turn heads after any hood is popped open.


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