Jokers Wild!

In The Garage with Sky Espinosa and "Mister J."



If you've been living under a rock, then you probably haven't came across this girl. She's gaining serious traction on the automotive clout meter. She's a mechanic, street racer, automotive "YouTuber" and has built a crazy fast EVO IX.  So strap in, as we chat with the lovely Sky Epinsoa while she shares a little about herself and "Mister J."



Name: Sky Espinosa

Age: 23

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Instragram: @sky_espinosa

Website: youtube/skyespinosa


SG: So tell, us, how did you first get into cars?

Sky: I grew up being a daddy's girl and he would tell me awesome stories about his racing. We'd go to car shows all the time and he loved muscle cars so I started to liked them.


Then I eventually went to school for automotive service and completed my two years. Being around "tuner" kids at school, the underdogs grew on me and I just love imports now. I still like muscle -- but I love my imports.


SG: What was your first car?

Sky:  A '93 Honda Civic



SG: With a V-Tech. Nice.  So what’s your current car?

Sky:  A Mitsubishi Lancer,  Evolution IX


SG: Does your car have a name?

Sky:  "Mister J."


SG: Mister J."? Is there any significance to that?

Sky:  That’s because I love the Joker and I've been a big Joker fan for years. I read the comics too!!


SG: That’s awesome! Do you have any Joker themed items on your car?

Sky: Yes, I have a Joker themed shift knob and dash air freshener. (Laughing)



SG: Those are the best mods ever! But what about the motor? What’s done to it?

Sky: It has a lot of mods, but currently I'm running a Precision 5858 turbo ETS kit, with a full e85. conversion.


SG: Seems like everybody is converting to e85 these days.

Sky: Yeah. It's crazy!



SG: Your videos are pretty fun to watch.  Do perform a lot of your own mods?

Sky:  I try to do most that I understand. I can’t do it all, but quite a bit. Overall, If it’s something you’re passionate about, you’ll want to ad your own touch to it I feel. You’ll want to get your hands on it and build it yourself.


SG: That is true!  And now your hard work is paying off.  You have quite a fan following now . . .

Sky:  I’m trying not too!! (Laughing) I really have to stay focused with my projects and work.


SG: One of you recent IG videos begin with a beer swig  . . .  what was that about??

Sky:  Ohh! Hahah! I dropped a screw in my engine bay and my heart stopped!! I thought I would share it. Since it was during filming for my next big video.


SG: You have a ton going on.  Is there any particular moment that has been the best so far?

Sky:  Every time I launch it or race it it's a fun and crazy moment -- but even cruising "Mister J." around is Amazing feeling!



SG: So do you have and  future plan or projects you plan to do?
Sky: I just taking it day by day. But I plan to build the motor and upgrade turbo.


I'm also working on a new big video project which I'll be finishing soon. It's been a lot different this time, because I'm actually doing a lot of speaking in it.  So, we'll see how it goes!  So stay tuned!


SG: Well. We definitely look forward to it!  Thank you for sharing!

Sky: You're welcome.   <>7 - 7x







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