2016 SEMA Showstoppers!


By Quorra

A few of the top picks from the SEMA Show

Battle of the Builders Winner - Cam Miller's HS Customs '69 Camaro at SEMA Ignited


Automotive technology and trends are like swirling particles grabbed out of motorsports space and integrated into the machines creating a perfect formula for chaos -- or beauty.  The leader in showasing this madness is SEMA  (Specialty Equipment Market Association)  And for the last 50 years, this event has been igniting the automotive industry by showcasing newest products and custom vehicles in the market place -- and for 2016, there was no slowing down.



Ring Brothers 1948 “V-Cad”


Restomods are a way of merging the past with present and one fine example is the Ring Brothers 1948 Cadillac. By merging all of the attributes of a 2015 & 16 Cadillac ATS-V, this custom shop has created an entirely new machine.


Starting with the body, it was chopped, stretched and massaged with added features such as custom carbon fiber grill inserts and bumpers along with a flattened roofline with custom front and rear glass.  The hood, engine bay and under chassis were re-fabricated to accommodate the modern suspension and drivetrain.


Which boasts the ATS-V’s twin turbo V-6 motor, backed by an automatic transmission, ABS system and full air ride suspension.  All of the modern chaos is seamlessly tucked away and out-of-site leaving this car as one of the slickest restomods at SEMA.





Zero to 60’s GTT Mustang


Customizing modern machinery is always a win. But the team at Zero to 60 went for a full championship by creating a half-bread Mustang GT by infusing attributes of the Ford GT supercar.  Not only is this car a solid win, but also it was designed and built within six weeks.


The most evident changes are on the body, which include custom rear quarter panels integrating side air channels for rear braking, a GT-like hood with air vents, a trapezoid like front bumper, and finishing with a rear deck lid, taillights and bumper to mimic the Ford GT appearance.


Other upgrades include Eibach suspension components, Pro-charger supercharger system, HRE wheels and re-stitched interior.  Overall, the GTT may be an affordable alternative for those who missed the boat on being accepted by Ford as an owner of the real GT.  But we’ll all have to wait see, since Zero to 60 won’t be unveiling pricing until late December of 2016.





Honda Civic Type R


Big wing, air scoops, loud exhaust and carbon fiber.  A cliché some of us love to see.  So it’s what Honda did with the new Civic Type R. You can say they were tired of its predecessor falling back behind the curtains of Subaru and Ford – so, they pulled out of the stops -- and it shows.


Most notable is the attached carbon fiber side and rear skirts which fully wrap around the body.  Along with the exposed aluminum-like paint, beefy front fenders, 20”-inch wheels and the tri-tip center exhaust, which will be a trademark for the R.


Honda hasn’t released the final numbers on the engine combo, but industry know-hows are guessing it’ll pack a turbocharged 2.0 inline 4-cylinder, giving it around 300 horsepower.  Which doesn’t place the R as the most powerful car on the block, but add a few neon lights -- and you’ll certainly be turning heads.




Acura NXSGT3


A throwback to the 90’s -- well sort of.  Without even being pulled off the trailer, the Acura NXS GT3 is a powerful image that illuminates technology sourced from its F1 counterpart.


Boasting a 3.5 twin turbo V-6 and three electric motors attached to the all-wheel drivetrain, you’ll zip right through the gears of the 9 speed-dual clutch semi-automatic transmission.  All the while, seated in the cockpit wrapped by a carbon fiber body and ultra lightweight chassis -- developed by aliens.


Hopefully this car includes a helmet and race gloves, because it was born for the track.  Which is why Acura (Honda) decided to pull it to SEMA with a custom MDX Crossover. A combination that is suiting for any yuppie race team.





Chevy Camaro COPO


Famous last words.  “Hold my beer.”  If you’re not sporting the longest, most badass mullet, then you don’t have the nuggets to drive this car.  Every year, Chevy gets lime-lighted by Ford’s “Super Snake.” But with Ford Motor Company’s new focus on turns and cornering with the S550, Chevy has slide right into the straight line win.


The COPO Camaro is a 10-second drag strip terrorizer.  Straight from the factory as a non-street legal race car.  Boasting three motor combinations starting with the supercharged 5.7 Liter V-8 all the way to the naturally aspirated 6.2 liter.


Grab the quarter stick, set the line lock and get ready for a wild ride when you take off, because with 4.57’s in the rear turning the massive slicks; you’ll probably take a long look at the clouds with this machine launches.  Luckily it comes with a parachute.


When it comes to modifying cars we have the good, the bad and the ugly.  In fact, I could probably





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