New Products from SEMA 2016


By Klaudia Black

Get Ready to Break Out Your Credit Card


Go Big or Go Home!

It’s like Europe is ready to be stuffed into our American Muscle cars! Finally a V-12 that is ready to take you to space flight in no time. Plus, imagine the amount of on-lookers you’ll get with this poking out of the engine bay!  The LS12, from is basically a LS V8 but with a few extra cylinders. Stuffed with a mild camshaft, the 519ci  “Stage 2” package will produce 717 horsepower on pump gas.






Now let’s see how you handle it . . .

There is always that moment when stuck under the chassis of your car, and just  cant reach that  bolt suspension bolt.  Well, TR Tools now offers a ne 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch drive Extension Wrenches. These comes with 14 inches of reach, with roller bearings and 3/8” adapters. Perfect for any awkward situation.

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Bringing Sexy Back!

This is probably one of the best looking intake manifolds in SEMA 2016. The new cross-ram LS3 intake is designed to run between 1,5000 and 7,000 rpms.  Plus, it’s designed to accept twin turbo applications.  Can you just picture it?  The dual plenum 13-inch long runners and 90mm throttle body just sitting there every time you pop you hood.

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Double the fun!

Holly is stepping up the game with a new two-step brushless fuel pump.  The pumps controller can adjust speed, for low or high depending on how much fuel consumption you need.  While allowing to maintain pressures up to 130psi, and flow up to 323 gallons per hour.

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WD . .  . Jelly?

WD-40 released their new “Spray & Stay” gel, which is a no-drip formula perfect for lubrication applications. Plus, the gel is formulated with a “soft-heal” technology that will soften when there’s friction, then solidify when there is none.  WD-40 says the Spray & Stay Gel will prevent rust up to one year.

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“Disturbing the peace since 1968”

If you’re looking for old school flare for your new project, check out the new Cherry Bomb M-80TM.  This product features a single-chamber wing plate designed packed in a compact 5-In round body for a powerful sound.  Plus it’s made of 100% aluminized steel and comes in the classic Cherry Bomb red Paint.

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The Predator ain’t got nothing on this!

If you’re looking for outrageous vinyl designs, then look no further. CMYK Grafix collaborated with Kryptek Outdoor group to produce the industry’s first metallic camouflage vinyl.  Which is great for any elaborate car them.

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Nitrous for your phone!

Need some boost for your mobile device? How about a jump for your vehicle?  No worries. The new “Nitrous Power” is designed to be used as a backup battery and a charger for mobile devices and to start cars, trucks, UTVs, ATVs and motorcycles in seconds. Includes an 11,400 MaH lithium battery pack inside. Provides 400 amps peak, 200 amps continuous. Two USB ports are rated at 2 amps each, and there is a 2.1mm output plug for charging or powering devices.

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Plug and Play Demon Eye

The industry’s first ever plug and play color changing demon eye is here. Diode Dynamics released their new universal RGBQ Demon Eye that is used with mini H1 projector. Installation is simple and illuminates the need to split headlight casings – plus it can change colors with a controller.

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Flex Fuel Fail Safe

AEM announced their Fail Safe flex-fuel wideband gauge which displays air/fuel ratio, boost/vacuum and ethanol content. It’s job is to prevent an engine from damage if it runs lean or excessively rich. The 52mm flex-fuel wideband Failsafe gauge includes a Bosch wideband sensor and an onboard boost sensor to read vacuum or boost pressures up to 29 psi.

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