Power Adders for 2018


By Claudia Black

SEMA 2017 Shows Us More Boost!


For SEMA 2017 there were a lot of great products released, but we’ll just skip all of the small stuff and get right down to what’s important.  More power.  And what’s a better way to do so than with boost?  So here are some top picks of new power adder options from SEMA 2017.




Garret "G25" Series Turbochargers

A small turbo with big numbers.  The G-Series G25-550 and the G25-660 turbochargers are compatible with 1.4L - 3.0L engine displacements and capable of producing up to 550 and 660 horsepower.  These newly designed turbochargers are smaller and outflow all comparable products on the market and carry the performance reliability of the Garret name.




Whipple “3.0” Supercharger

Mustang enthusiasts who are considering purchasing a new 2018, V8 5.0 model, have a sigh of relief with the new Whipple “3.0” Supercharger.  This is not to be confused with the current 3.0 upgrade from the previous 2.9 version.  The new 2018 Coyote 3.0 supercharger is an entirely new design.  That utilizes the “upside down” placement of the rotor housing and aftercooler.  The benefit is a direct bolt-on, that fits nicely under the hood and strut tower brace and of course, puts down serious numbers.



Edelbrock E-Force

This may have released the prior year, but certainly created enthusiasm for 2017 due to the popularity that is growing with the new Mazda MX-5 chassis.  New MX-5 owners now have a creditable product to directly bolt on boost that’s designed exclusively for the SKYACTIV®-G 2.0L engine. The overall design and complimentary tune, allow for maximum power flow, while retaining great daily driving characteristics. Utilizes the Eaton® R900 TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency, it’s a in a compact package that can add up to an estimated 100 horsepower to stock platform, with reliability.





Precision/Turbonectics “Drop-In”  Twin Turbo RS2

Ford Focus “Ecoboost” owners  can get a massive upgrade that is a direct fit replacement for the stock turbos.   With these units, the turbo wheel is increased from the stock 52mm unit to a larger 60mm unit.  Other features include dual ball bearings, billet compressor wheel and is able to kick the power up to nearly 700 horses with fuel upgrades and tuning.  Turn your Ecoboost Focus RS into a crazy beast!






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