Evolution of a Racer

 Savanna Little and the "Z"



By Adam Riley

Photo Credit: Snap Studio - Amanda Gift


Climbing out of turn four at Road Atlanta, the 350Z crests the hill and barrels down the “Esses,” a series of downhill switchbacks that lead into a flat-out straight stretch. Racing as a novice in the Global Time Attack Series is a learning experience.  But taking five out of six podium’s in your first season is nothing short of beginners luck.  Developing the mechanical skills and passion to compete in racing is an obsession overtaking this international model, turned racer.  She’s looking to go big – not go home.  Meet Savanna Little.


Growing up on the northern California and relocating to Houston at 17, Savanna wasn’t influence into motorsports by a family member or childhood experience.  In fact, she was raised competing internationally with horses in show jumping.  The bug for cars just came about naturally, so after scraping up enough cash to purchase a car, she opted for a bone stock, 350Z.


Photo Credit: Big Apple Magic


At first, her “Z” was just for show.  Savanna regularly attending the local Houston “Z Club” meets where she met several members that actively participated in local tracks days.  “It sounded fun, so I finally manned up and signed up for my first NASA High Performance Driving Event.” She said.  After that experience, there was no looking back.  Every dollar she could afford was being dumped into the “Z” for race mods, and nearly every weekend Savanna was attending the local track day events.


Outside of banging gears and cutting lap times, Savanna’s modeling career had taken flight and gained her a lot of attention. With a keen skill for marketing and promotions, she relocated to Florida to work at a motorsports performance shop as the sales and marketing manager. But Savanna’s car still needed upgrades and maintenance to keep up with her track habits.  That’s when she dove into the toolbox at the shop, and picked-up the trade of wrenching.


Photo Credit: Snap Studio - Amanda Gift


“I became interested in spinning wrenches and at first would ask my boss for guidance. Every now and then I try to tackle something new and learn more about the car.” She says. Now, with help of her main sponsors including, Enjuku Racing, Maxxis and Horsepower logic, her little “Z” is a full out racecar.  From a custom fabricated roll cage to a “spec” weighted chassis, Savanna’s car is ready for a full season in 2016.  Though she has a game plan and backers -- somebody still has to work on the car.


“I like to be hands on as much as possible, being involved in all aspects of my race program; from transmission swaps to towing the rig to races and being a one woman crew at the races --I try to be as self-sufficient as possible.”  She says.   There’s no room for slacking in this garage. Savanna’s hard work and dedication show. Follow her website blog and you’ll understand the amount of work and dedication put into every event she attends.


Right now, slowing down isn’t an option.  Savanna’s full speed ahead with plans of upgrading her “Z” with an LS3 V8 swap, along with adding a BMW E30 to her automotive arsenal to begin competing in wheel to wheel road racing.  But all in all, the “Z” is and its evolution and true reflection of her racing.  “ . . . Growing as a driver alongside this car, the “Z” has been so unbelievably reliable and I feel that she truly is a reflection of me, not only as a driver, but as a person.”



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Photo Credits: Snap Studio (Amanda Gift), Big Apple Magic, ShutterSpeed Inc., Nina Batista





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 Name: Savanna Little

Age: 21

Location: Florida

Instagram: z33_babe

Twitter: z_33babe



Car: 2008, Nissan 350Z

Name: “The Z”

Engine: 3.5L VQ35HR

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Modifications: Race prepped













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