A Toronto Showstopper

Sarah Dor and Her Project Mustang


By Quorra



Her heels click on the pavement as she approaches the Mustang. The sound of each step seems to reflect against the white pearlescent paint as she walks along side the front fender.  Her fingers dangle down and glide along the top fender seam.  Then over the door edge.  Then over the drivers mirror.  She then stops and for a moment and takes in the sight the white pony glowing against the black pavement.  For many enthusiasts, a car is built for performance. For others, it’s out of pure attraction. For Sarah Dor, her 2007 Mustang is a perfect example of how to build a glamorous machine.


Her project started after taking a family trip to South Carolina, which during their visit the annual “Mustang Week” in Myrtle Beach was taking place. They decided to stop by to check out the event, and for Sarah -- it was an awakening.  Walking through parking lot venues packed full of every Mustang imaginable, she immediately fell in love with the culture and after arriving back home; it only took two weeks before she purchased her own 2007, burgundy convertible.


Starting out with a few basic upgrades such as an audio system, custom painted light bar and slotted brake rotors, it wasn’t long before the modification bug bit her in the ass.  Sarah wanted a complete showstopper.  She continued by throwing on a paint-matched Venom Shelby style hood, along with 20” x 10” Boss 338 wheels, a MagnaFlow exhaust system, and paint matched GT/CS front bumper.



Together the pair had no trouble gaining attention at the local Toronto car meets and for a couple of summers they adorned the scene, but Sarah still wasn’t completely satisfied.  She knew it was time to strip the car down and get nasty with it.  So during the seasonal down time of the extreme Canadian winter, Sarah had the entire car disassembled for a full cosmetic change from the factory burgundy to pearl white.


Over the course of five months the Mustang transformed with the help of a body shop and a lot of visual goodies.  The new look would be comprised of Roush lower side splitters, Roush 3-piece rear spoiler, Shelby GT500 rear bumper, Shelby GT500 lower front valence, Roush billet grill inserts and of course her previous Shelby hood.  After the car was sprayed pearl white, the convertible top and interior were all changed from tan to black.


After the exterior was finished, next was the handling.  So she added custom pink accented suspension components that included a Tein coil over kit, Steeda strut mounts/camber plates with Ford racing Strut tower brace, along with Steeda adjustable rear upper control arms, and Steeda adjustable pan hard bar with brace.  Then she swapped out the Boss shoes with a set up Niche’ custom 20-inch alloys wrapped in Falken, Azenis 453 tires.



The suspension mods helped her Mustang grip in the corners, but when it’s time to park during the evening car meets, her Mustang Illuminates the night with an array of purple LED accents including Raxiom Halo projector headlights, Raxiom smoked side marker kits, third brake light, along with custom grill lighting, under hood lighting and several interior accents.


Now days, Sarah and her modded 2007 are breaking necks.  Upon her returning to Mustang Week in 2016, she walked away with MW’s “Best Female Owned” category show win.  Overall she’s got one hell of Mustang on her hands and when asked what’s in store for the future, she mentioned about purchasing a newer model to start on.  Plus, in her garage there’s a Fox body with plans for an upcoming build.  All and all, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of this Toronto showstopper.





Photo credits: (All photos) Yanki Yuksel, IG @yankiyukselphotography







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Feature Details

Name:  Sarah Dor

Location: Toronto Canada

IG:  @sarah07heaven


Car: 2007 Mustang GT


Drivetrain Performance & Maintenance:

-MAX BRAKES slotted/crossed drilled rotors and ceramic pads

- K&N cold air intake

- FORD RACING strut tower brace

- TEIN coilover kit

- STEEDA strut mounts/camber plates

- STEEDA adjustable rear upper control arm

- STEEDA adjustable pan hard bar & brace

- MAGNAFLOW exhaust & muffler deletes



Body & Exterior:

- Roof replacement (tan to black)

- STEEDA hood struts

- Hood pin kit

- STREET SCENE side vents

- ROUSH lower side splitters

- ROUSH 3 piece rear spoiler

- SHELBY gt500 rear bumper cover

- FORD GT/CS front bumper cover

- SHELBY gt500 lower front valance

- ROUSH 9 bar black billet upper front grill

- ROUSH black billet lower front grill

- NICHE custom wheels 20"×9" front with 255/35/20 Falken Azenis 453 tires, 20"×10" rear with 285/30/20 Falken Azenis 453 tires

- Custom paint (color change from red to white)



- RAXIOM halo projector headlights

- RAXIOM smoked front/side marker kit

- RAXIOM smoked LED third brake light

- RAXIOM Gen5 taillights

- Custom LED accent lighting


CLARION NX602 double din navigation head unit

- Complete black leather interior (changed from tan)


- Custom painted interior panels (white/pink)


- Custom LED accent lighting






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