Homegrown Drag Girl!

"In the Garage" with Samantha Hollingsworth


Southern charm and skills to back it up.  Meet South Carolina native Samantha Hollingsworth and check out how she's starting to tear up the 1/8 mile drag scene, as we "Step in the Garage" for a quick one-on-one.



Name: Samantha "Mamp" Hollingsworth

Age: 20

Location: Greenwood, SC

Instagram: @mamp2x97



SG: So how was it that you first got into racing?

Samantha: I grew up with my dad, brother and grandpa who all raced. When I was 10, my brother talked me into racing junior dragsters in his car so he could get a newer one! From there it was history.


SG: So after taking over your brothers JR. Dragster, what was next?.

Samantha: I moved to a Spitzer junior. Dragster followed by several halfscale junior. dragsters.


SG:  You raced Jr.’s quite a bit, did you end up with any wins?

Samantha: Yes, I was very fortunate in junior dragsters. I won many, many races including the 8 Ironman, a local track championship, two entries at the IHRA World Finals in 2015, & the Bristol 330 Outlaw Champ in 2015.


SG: Now what’s your current race car?

Samantha:  Right now, I currently race a 2000, Chevy S10 truck.




SG: How did you end up with that vehicle?

Samantha: I bought it February 14, of 2016 as just a stock S10 with a blown motor. It started out as a project, but ended up completely building it to be a race truck.


SG: What did you end up doing to it?

Samanttha:  It was converted to the drag race truck by “Hipster Racecars” out of Summerville, SC - along with help by my dad, papa, close family and friend. It’s powered by a Chevy 383 C.I. stroker motor, also has a fully caged chassis, racing suspension and drag slicks.


SG: Nice! Where do you usually race it?

Samantha: All over!  I race it at several tracks in the northern and southern East Coast and in the Midwest. But my local track is the Carolina Dragway.


SG: How is it running so far?

Samantha:  Great! My best experience was finally getting to race the truck for the first time after taking a year & a half to complete -- & seeing all the hardwork pay off.  And so far I’ve ran a 6.60 trap time in the 1/8th mile at 100mph!


SG:  What is your future plans; modifications, or events in you plan to do?

Samantha:  I’m planning to go to more of the big money bracket races next year!






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