"Roadkill Nights"


The Hit TV Series Takes Over Kansas City Speedway


Burning tire rubber -- burning tire rubber -- and yes, more burning of tire rubber.  The “Roadkill Nights” are a tire burning frenzy, where two guys, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan take their automotive mayhem TV show and hit he streets. The premise. Come one. Come all.  And lets have some fun.


You have to admit. Far and few events these days are free to participate in. But, the RKN’s are just that. They’re a place where an individual can participate in a car show, meet major product vendors, drag race, and even take a ride passengers seat on a drift pad. There’s a reason. It’s because one major player stepped in to lead the charge with a rebel yell and thumbs up, out the driver’s-side window.


That company is Dodge; and even if you’re not a Mopar enthusiasts, you have to respect the fact they’ve stepped in and said, “Hell yeah.” The theme is evident, as the entire infield of the Kansas City Speedway was turned into a theatrical backdrop of squelching tires, as car enthusiasts lined up for nearly every activity, including a Dodge drift pad.


Rotating between five cars, including a Charger RT, Challenger RT and even a Viper, participants had their chance to experience skidding G-force while drifting across the asphalt. Standing by, a pit row of mechanics changing tires to keep the action going and nearly a thousand passes were made. But if you can’t stomach the ride, a Challenger RT race simulator named “Thrill Ride” was ready for anyone to grip the wheel and experience a realistic race.


Hanging out and chatting up with the spectators and TV Series fans, Roadkill hosts, Freiburger and Finnegan showed complete respect by meeting and greeting folks from the event start to finish.  The lines where long, but the two didn’t mind, each person received a personal experience, as mementos were autographed and pictures where snapped. Then everything came to a halt when car engines fired up for the final drag race event.


Narrowed down to the last four remaining contenders, energy in the crowd was high and tension among drivers strong. The drag race is a street-style event. The cars are street legal, registered, insured, running DOT tires and cannot be trailered to the facility. Though when the staging tree sent off the last round of cars, a 1965 Dodge Dart took the win -- and a ten thousand dollar prize.


Overall, the Roadkill Nights are an event any enthusiast should attend and an example of the pure, simplistic fun that cars can bring us. So stay tuned for the next Roadkill Nights. Word on the street is Freiburger and Finnegan are bringing the mayhem to the streets of downtown Detroit.





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