"Porsche Cup Prowess"

 Regan Steedman's Packing Serious Heat



By Adam Riley - April 2016


The night sky is dark as the Boxster makes its way around the Willow Springs track. Rolling over the hills and through the turns, after several hours of racing, the course begins to wear down the drivers.  Shift after shift, the cars race by one after another, while exhaust notes resonate over the valley. For Regan Steedman, this was her first 4-hour, nighttime “Tribute to Le Mans” challenge, which started out as a torturous experience.  But as the evening went on, the beauty of the nighttime racing environment revealed itself, along with the reason why racing is such a passion for this woman.


Regan’s father, being a committed Porsche enthusiast, wanted to build an autocross car out of his 914-4. Looking towards Regan’s little brother to help, the 12-year old passed, being he wanted nothing to do with cars; so that’s when Regan stepped in.  At 14 years old she took flight, and little did her father know that he was creating a monster. “From that point on I was hooked.” She said. “I auto crossed the 914 for a year with the Porsche Club of America. I really liked it, but knew I wanted more.”




That’s when her father decided to take Regan track racing.  Starting out with short style tracks, this was a chance for her to gain practice and a feel for the racing environment.  Learning the art of heel-toe shifting, left foot braking and other techniques, Regan quickly adapted and by 2008 she was officially sponsored by GSR Autosports.


For two years, Regan banged the gears for GSR. Provided with two versions of fully prepared team racecars, the team helped Regan obtain the necessary Porsche Club Cup-Racing licensing.  Competing was second nature and by 2011, it was time to move on to a larger, upcoming team named HGR.  Over the years, she’s achieved several accolades, but her most recognizable is the fact, that she is the only woman to win a race within the Porsche Owners Club. “This is a huge accomplishment for me knowing that professional woman driver Melanie Snow, spent a lot of time in the P.O.C.”




During that time Regan also built her own racecar, a 1997 Porsche Boxster, which was a donation by her mom after deciding to retire it.  The Boxster was the perfect platform for Regan’s cup-racing.  Her plan was to max it out with a full-spec chassis.  So off to the fabricator it went for a complete transformation, and over the course of two and half months, it was stripped down and massaged into a full-spec racecar. Now the Boxster hosts a custom built roll cage, Bilstein PSS9 coil-over suspension, GT3 Control Arms, hardtop roof, all matching powder coated parts and custom paint, along with a few other racing modifications. Finally, the car was ready to race.


Though with any competitive motorsport, there is the upset of breaking of parts.  Regan say’s over the years, she’s learned the hard way, starting out with the stock 5-speed; the third gear was a weak link.  “To overcome breaking and rebuilding transmissions, I decided to change to a weight to horsepower class. The weight to horsepower class is a benefit because it’s compatible with more organizations. I changed to a 2.6L motor with larger port and valve heads. It has a longer intake manifold. Plus, I went from the 5-speed transmission to a 6-speed.”  She says now the car has the reliability and horsepower to match, with 208 horsepower at the rear wheels and weighing at just 2,450 lbs.


Regan with her Porsche GT3


With the race Boxster, Regan is regularly seen at local P.O.C. track events and has several other plans in-store.  “As for modifications I have a big list that I want done, I just need to decide what to do first.” She says. “The top two on my list are putting in a limited slip differential and changing up the aero dynamics with a wing.”  But along with upgrading her car, she just wants to race.


“I’ve had so many great memories and experiences in the past eleven years.

The nighttime, Tribute to Le Mans Race started out as the worst race. My in-car radio didn’t work, I couldn’t see anything and with every car light behind would blind my vision. During the first ten minutes I hated every second of it. 10:00 pm couldn’t come soon enough! It wasn’t until I was driving up the Omega hill and I looked out of my rear view mirror and could see the lights of the city, the lights of the pits and lights of other cars on the track. That moment changed everything -- It was beautiful.”









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 Nighttime Race "Tribute to Le Manns"



Feature Girl Details

Name: Regan Steedman

Age: 26

Location: Orange County, California

Instragram: @ReganSteedman



1. Year___  Porsche Cayman  (Daily Driver)

2. Year___  Porsche 991-GT3, Sapphire Blue

3. 1997 Porsche Boxster  (Race Car)

Full Porsche Boxster Spec Race Build

Full 12-Point Roll Cage

Teratt Adjustable Sway Bars

Bilsteen PS9 Coil-Over Suspension

Fire Suppression System


2.6 Liter Motor Swap

Ported Polished Heads

Oversized valves and ports

BSR Racing Exhaust

6-Speed Transmission Swap


Hard Top Shell

GT3 Side Skirts

Custom Bumpers

Recaro Racing Seats

Custom Pink Paint w/graphics












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