"Recaro VS. Sparco"

Battle of the Bolsters is on!

Quorra - April, 2015

If you’ve been dancing around the idea of swapping out seats in your ride, we’ve decided to give you a bit to sit on before making a choice.  Whether it’s pure look’s or for a mix of racing and street driving performance, I’ve chose two seats that will give you performance and great looks without breaking the bank.  Let me introduce you the Sparco “Chrono Street” Seat and the Recaro “Speed” Seat.


Both companies have in the motorsports scene for quite a while and both offer great products.  But these companies sit on different sides of the fence.  Recaro in known for being a high end brand, while Sparco focuses on more economical solutions.  But the two seats here at are very similar in style, features and pricing.  But it is only one that will come out a winner at the end of this article.  So let’s take a look.


First is style and comfort.  Since both seats are a mid-level racing bucket that are offered in vinyl and cloth. Both offer the diversity of having a snug racing fit while being forgiving enough to take a short road trip.


The “Chrono Street” is actually sleek seat that takes styling cues from a collaboration with Lamborghini. This seat features white contrast stitching on the exterior and seat and back padding for extra comfort. It is only available in two color options.  While the “Speed” is modeled after the design aesthetics of world-class racing seats but molded into street legal form. The Speed offers an aggressively bolstered shoulder, back and thigh areas and sleek cover designs with a multitude of color options to choose from.



As for features, the “Chrono Street” incorporates an adjustable backrest for behind seat access and adjustment.  The seat cushion incorporates a full suspension bottom. Plus, this seat is offered in two different sizes, the medium with a 20” wide seat cushion and large with 21” wide seat cushion.


The “Speed” also offers an adjustable backrest and seat is available in a 21” width seat cushion. An “S” version is offered with a slightly wider seat cushion, but no specs were disclosed on this size.  Lastly the seat does not have a suspension bottom but comfort is solely relied on high quality foam padding that Recaro is known for, with added lumbar support to accommodate spine curve


Lastly is what breaks the bank. Not that I’m against ordering directly from the manufacturers, but we have a lot of great vendors to support.  So just scouting around I found the “Chrono Street” to average around $499 per seat.  While the Speed averaged about $899 per seat.  Yes, the Recaro is priced nearly double, but once again it is their nature of extreme price for extreme quality.


Overall, what we’re gauging is the styling, features and pricing, so on those I’m choosing the winner as the Sparco “Chrono Street”.  Not only does this seat incorporate the similar materials as the Recaro, it offers the Lamborghini-esque styling all at a better price. But when it comes down to feeling like you’re in a true solid racing seat, Recaro is always my top choice. So whatever you decide to go with is your choice. Either way, you have two great seats that are extremely diversity and cost effectiveness.



XOXO - Quorra


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