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Nireji is a Natural Behind the Racing Wheel

We're regularly contacted by women from all over the globe to be featured; including Nireji Kato.  She's building a lot of momentum in the Malaysia local race events.  So here's a quick "In the Garage" Q&A session, as she shares with us a few things about her experiences.



Name: Nireji Kato

Age: 21

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Instragram: @nireji




How did you first get into cars?

This has to go way way back. I wanted to be a racer when I first saw F1 (Formula One) on local TV, but the ambition was killed by saying that no girls race in F1. Eventually, I stopped thinking about it. In Penang, a very small island in Malaysia, the exposure of cars is literally zero. Finally, at the age of 19, I was so lucky to have met a few friends who are in the sports, introduced me into cars.


What was your first car?

A Citreon ZX.


Looks like an amazing RX7 (In the photos). What’s your current car(s)?

Thank you! The RX7 is a sponsored car by The Simply Epic. Which is the race team I drive for. As for myself, currently none as I'm a student. Fortunately, I have The Simply Epic as my support to use for the races.



What modifications are done to the RX7?

It’s fully prepped for the race track with converted single turbo, after-market coil-over suspension, hydraulic handbrake, and a lot more.


So are you professionally trained to race?

I’ve actually never have taken any race training.  So far I have learned everything on the fly!


Have you won or placed at any events?

Absolutely! Some include the;

Stance Limbo Challenge (1st Placing)

Gymkhana AutoX Series (1st Placing)

Cast in Singapore drama: Mata-mata 3 Stunt driving

Pakelo Street Challenge 2015 (3rd Placing)

BRX TTC (6th placing)

Generation X-Tic Time Attack Round 4 (2nd Placing)



Wow! Sounds like you’re a natural on the course.  What was your first race?

My first race was on March 2015.  It was a circuit race and I drove a Proton Putra. I was super nervous at that time because it was my first race but once the starting flag drops, I feel relieved because at that time all I felt was me, the car and the track, zoned out all other elements around.


What  are the types of events you usually attend or participate in?

Mainly Stance events, time attack races, drift events and gymkhana races.


Is there any fun or crazy moment you have had with your car, or maybe best experience?

The best experience was winning 1st place in my first gymkhana competition, I was beyond surprised to have won.


What is your future plans; modifications, or events in you plan to do?

 Future plans will be going as far as I can, running international events in Global Rally Cross, in the U.S. and Europe.








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