Head’s up! Navdy brings HUD that’s affordable

Turn your windshield into a sci-fi like experience

By Quorra

If you’re like the rest of us -- you may not know what HUD is.  But if you’re in the small percentile of tech geeks that love new fancy gadgets for your ride, then you have to check out out Navdy’s new Heads Up Display.  So strap in, while we set a course to the future!




Heads Up Display is a new emerging technology that we’ve seen glowing glimpses of projected inside the windshields of million dollar sex machines -- that of which most of us real working class can’t afford. But now, the tech is becoming readily available in universal applications that we all can take pleasure of.


Unlike most basic HUD’s that just project an image onto your windshield of your vehicle speed or tachometer RPM's, Navdy has taken things a step further by merging mobile apps from your iPhone into the display. This takes your eyes and hands off your phone and keeps you focused on the road.

Here are some key features;


1. Projects a 5.1” image of information -- as if it's floating six feet in front of you.


2. Displays the mobile apps you already use on your phone including;

  a. Texting

  b. GPS map and diving directions

  c. Phone Calls

  d. Searches


3. Use oral voice command to;

  a. Dial

  b. Text

  c. Use Siri

  d. Use and open apps and more!


4. Use a swiping motion of your finger to directing in front of the display to navigate through features with out touching anything.

Are you getting excited? Well take a cold shower because the Nady HUD isn’t going to be released until mid 2015.  But you can take advantage of pre-ordering one for the lovely price of $299. Which we feel is a great price for stimulating oral pleasure.


Visit  for more details.


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