A Bump in Aerodynamics


By Quorra

NASCAR's Aerodynamics are Creating Big Issues


With a drop of the flag, NASCAR set off another season with the historic race at Daytona, Florida and 500 miles of action – and possibly more than usual, because the inaugural race is presented an issue that air pressure is becoming even more violent, due to an unexpected factor that was evident when two cars would expand and contract in the slip stream.


When the lead car slows down extremely fast, a tremendous amount of air pressure between the two cars is created, and with the redesigned front chin splitters and front fascia (which are barley an inch off the ground), the air pressure between two cars has nowhere to go, thus forcing the lead or following car to spin out with just a subtle bump.



This issues was even brought to light by commentator and former NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon.  He explained this exact scenario is now happening due to the redesigned front fascia, which was originally done to create more vehicle down force. Watch the video provided by nascarfan4888JJ highlighting all the Daytona crashes and be a judge for yourself.


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