The "Bimmer Queen"

"In the Garage" with Milla Bimmer

Collecting can be come an addiction.  But when your vice is packing modified BMW's in the garage -- you can't say that's a bad thing.  So today, let's "Step in the Garage" Central Florida's "Bimmer" race girl Milla, and her line-up of track toys.



Name: Milla Bimmer

Age: 31

Location: Orlando, FL

Instragram: @millakins



SG: You have quite a collection, but before we get to them, how did you first get into cars?

Milla: Oh boy! Both sides of my family have been into cars. My dad is a Rally World Champion, and my mom was the first woman to get a motorcycle license in Brasil. My dad's bother was a known turbo builder and he was in a project with my mom's brother, who was racing F3 at the time. My parents met at the track and the rest is history.


SG: Wait? A Rally Champion dad and an F3 uncle?  What was that like?

Milla:  My dad was rally, my maternal uncle F3 and my brother in Porsche cup. So lots of racing in the blood! By the time my brother was born, my mom had asked dad to slow down. He did some racing in Interlagos (Sao Paulo, Brazil), but we lived there at the time so no traveling.



With my brother, he started racing at 15 and has professionally competed since! We traveled up-and-down the East coast and made it a bit to the west with tracks in St. Louis and Texas.


I always loved working on the cars and taking care of them, learning about them or modifying them; But it wasn't until about 4 years ago that I started getting more and more serious about getting better at driving, both with karts and on the track.



SG: So then getting into the Beamers, what was your first one?

Milla: A 1992 BMW 325i that had 285k miles when we bought it! We still have it today, it is now our Chump Racing car!

SG: Wow. That’s a ton miles! So what are you current cars?

Milla: A 2001 Phoenix Yellow, BMW M3;  2000 Imola Red, BMW M5 DINAN S1;  1997 Techno Violet, BMW M3 sedan five-speed and a 2009 Blue Water, BMW 335 diesel.


SG: You have one hell of collection. Do they all have names?

Milla: Yeah.M-3PO, M-Cinque, Nurple,"The D"



SG: Ha! The names certainly fit their styles. Do you take them to any events?

Milla: Yep. I attend SCCA, NASA, PBOC and PDG racing events with the E46 M3, and I'll be attending more track events in 2017.




SG: With that many cars and events, there’s a lot upkeep.  Are you the one normally doing the work?
Milla: Yeah.  I'm glad to have a good job that helps assist the craziness. Week days are spent at work, nights and weekends with the "kids." It's not uncommon to find me in the garage or track Fri-Sun.


And yes, I work on all my cars. There definitely are things I can't do alone, but I have a great support system from my brother, boyfriend and friends. Building the "Chump" car has been a fun thing to do!



SG: So far, what’s been your best experience?

Milla:  When I drove the E39 M5 from Orlando, FL to Las Vegas, NV for MFEST - that was a lot of fun! My favorite moments with the cars are the track events; my brother has been my driving coach and my father always comes to watch us. My parents were always very supportive of my brother's racing, and even though mom has passed, dad continues to support us.


SG:  That’s great to hear you’ve had very a supportive family.  What do you see happening in your future with the cars?

Milla:  I want to keep the E36 OEM with tasteful modifications, so that car is pretty much done (complete mod list can be found on his FB page "NurpleM3").


The E46 will continue to be upgraded and made into a track toy, in 2017 we will be adding a CSL airbox, seats and cage. That car is sponsored by RevShift and Schiedmann (complete mod list can be found on his FB page "M3PO").


The E39 just had a full re-spray, interior refinish and suspension overhaul, he will be the show king (complete mod list *and his exhaust is incredible!* can be found on his FB page "MCinque").


Finally, after finishing the E36 Chump car and the E46, I will be turning my attention to the E90 335 diesel. The M57TU is able to create some incredible numbers with a few mods.


SG:  That’s an a lot!  What drives you to do this much?

Milla:  I love racing. I love cars. I love the adrenaline and I love the people you meet.


I'm always on track or near it, working with the local and national BMW clubs, as well as supporting my family and friends with their endeavors.


SG: Thank you Milla!






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