Mazda Dolls on the Prowl

"In the Garage" with the Original Mazda Doll


What's great about the car scene is that brings together enthusiasts from all makes and models. Whether you own a thousand horsepower drag car, or a modded daily, we can all relate to one thing -- cars are sexy.  But a car is even better when the drivers are just as hot.  So today, we  Check we step "In the Garage" with the lovely originator of Mazda Dolls.



Name: Leydis (Mazda Doll)

Age: 24

Location: North Carolina

Instragram: @mazda_doll



SG: You seem to be causing quite a stir lately, so tell us how did you first get into cars?

MD: I first got into cars when I met my husband, he had a Honda Civic at the time, and we would ride out to our local meets. After working with him on our cars a few times I was hooked! Now we are working on getting his '91, 240sx drift track ready for the upcoming season!


SG: That's a fun project.  So tell us about your cars.

MD:  My first car was a silver 2010 Mazda 3. Now I own a 2011 Mazda 3!  . . . Hey they don't call me Mazda Doll for nothing! haha.




SG: What kind of modifications have you done so far?

MD:  I am currently on Raceland coilovers, a Corksport air intake, HID headlights, Fog lights, which didn't come on the car and  (did not come installed on the car), and 18" x 8.5" Gold STR 514 wheels.


SG: Did you install the springs yourself?

MD: Yeah, with help of course. But installing them was a pain! And probably the most irritating moment I've had! Haha.


SG:  So do you have any other mods planned?

MD: Defintely!  I am installing a Corksport Exhaust in the next couple weeks and I plan on installing air ride in the future as well!



SG: Nice! So do you ever take it to events?

MD:  Yes! I attend  the local car meets here and I am headed to "Super Meet 9" in Myrtle Beach, SC on November 12th.  It should be a good time!


SG: Tell us about Mazda Dolls, what is that about?

MD: I recently started a female driven Mazda community page on Instagram called @mazda_dolls, I am hoping to reach out to all female Mazda enthusiast and share the passion that we all share for our builds and the make.


SG: How's that been going so far?

MD: Great! We keep the page varied by allowing our male supporters to enter submissions for features on Monday's for #mcm (AKA: Man Crush Monday) and Wednesdays for #wcw (AKA: Wheel Crush Wednesday or Woman Crush Wednesday). So far the feedback has been amazing and I look forward to what will come in the future!



SG: So what about you?  What are your plans?

MD: As for me, I recently got back into modeling after taking an extended break from it due to some keyboard warriors getting to me, which made me take a step back. It feels great to be back now and I feel my mind set is much stronger to deal with the internet haters and cyberbullying, which these days on social media it is all too common.


I'm fully focused on reaching my goals and really expanding my modeling career. You really do have to develop a thick skin to make it in this industry, and I look forward to meeting new friends and working with some awesome individuals in the near future.


"Your comeback will always be stronger than your setback." Words I live by. <>2 - 6x







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