Mai Supra!

"In the Garage" with Mai Hooglugt



Name: Mai Hooglugt

Age: 24

Location: Noord Holland, The Netherlands

Instragram: _miss_mai_


SG: How did you first get into cars?

Mai: I grew up in Haarlem, Netherlands with my older brother and he was always into the JDM car scene. i always wanted a fast JDM car.  Back then, the Toyota Supra was also my dreamcar and still is. My brother bought his Honda Civic EP3 when I was around 13 years old, I and I always visualized getting a faster one then him when I got my drivers license.


Nowadays, I’m guided by my boyfriend who I originally met at a car event. He's  been helping me learn the mechanics of cars.   I’m I’m amazed about tuning engines, and all the necessary parts that needs to be strengthened to optimize performance and durability because everyone can build a fast car, but it takes a lot more to get a car which high horsepower and turn-key 24/7 driver.


SG: What was your first car?

Mai: A 1995 Honda Civic Coupe, EJ2


SG: Did you upgrade it any?

Oh yeah! I had a a full B18c conversion installed with gearbox and new clutch installed . . . also the the body is totally restored with all the rust and dents removed and all antennas were wiped. Now it's completely wrapped in "Black Brushed" steel vinyl.


SG: Nice so. What’s your current car(s)?

Mai: The 1995 Honda Civic, EJ2 that’s B18C powered. A 2001 Honda Civic EP3 that’s K20A2 powered and also a 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo that’s 2JZ powered.


SG: That’s quite a collection . . . which one is your favorite?

Mai: The Supra no doubt about that!



SG: What are some of the mods done to that car?

Mai: The Exterior has been sprayed in the original Toyota #040 white along with other cosmetic restorations including the replacement and reconditioning of the emblems and lighting fixture.  The interior has been fitted with Tillet B7 racing seats with six-point belts, updated carpet custom steering wheel and more.  The engine is very upgraded with a full rebuilt utilizing the stock 2JZ block with upgraded SRD 280 camshafts, ported and polished heads, and lots more.  Plus the air intake includes custom 5″ air intake tube with HKS Type-R intercooler feeding a Garret 4202R Turbocharger.   Then the exhaust has a custom 4″ downpipe with

An HKS titanium 4″ exhaust system.


SG: But there’s a lot more right?

Mai: Yes!  I’ll include a build list so your viewers can see what all is done!


SG; Do you ever get "hands-on" with the projects.

Yes. I helped install the B7 seats and upgraded brakes.  But the majority car was professionally built at SRD Tuning.



SG: So with the amount of cars you both have; what do you normally do for fun with them?

Mai: In our spare time we like to participate a rallies, for example; here in Europe we have “The Dragonball,” which is organized by the Supra club from the UK.  Every year they pick a few countries to drive through and last year we were invited by one of the members of the German Supra Club, to meet up with their community in Germany for a few days, have fun and of course drive a lot!


I’m not into “standing-still-events,” it’s not the kind of events I like the most but Super Car Sunday is still my favorite event here in the Netherlands.


This year we also roll-raced on a half mile event in France organized by Team Zone Rouge (Clastres) and hope to do more stuff like that in the future.


SG: Aside from more racing, what is in-store for your future?

Mai: My boyfriend and I just started our very own company where people can have their parts skinned in carbon, so at the moment all of our spare time goes into our company!






<>3 - 6x



1993 Toyota Supra Build List



Repsprayed in orginal Toyota #040 White

All exterior lighting refurbished

USDM rear supra turbo emblem

OEM UK spec hood

Wings West front lip

Windows tinted



TIllett B7 Seats (full Carbon FIA approved)

QSP 6-point harness belts

Syvecs Toucan ECU Display

Cockpit matched in #040 white

Veilside gearknob

“Porsche” style carpet

Personal custom steering wheel



SRD stage V port & polish plus valve pocket mods

Brian Crower springs and TI Retainers

SRD 280 camshafts (10,2mm lift)

HKS Series II adjustable cam gears

L19 Headstudkit

Stock 2JZ shortblock

Gates Racing timing belt

SRD billet tensioner bracket

Titan Motorsports ATI crankshaft pulley

TRD engine mounts

T4 tubular manifold

Garret GT4202R Turbocharger

5″ custom air intake

HKS Type-R intercooler

SRD custom intercooler piping

HKS Racing blow off valve

Twin Walbro 485’s fuel pumps

Full alcohol capable fuel lines and fittings

ASNU 1100cc injectors

SRD top feed fuel rail kit

NGK racing plugs

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Syvecs flex fuel

Carbonetics tripple carbon clutch

SRD radiator kit

SRD billet lower water neck

SRD custom top water neck

SRD oil cooler kit

Syvecs EMS

Syvecs sensors

APR carbon cooling plate



SRD custom 4″ down/midpipe

HKS titianium 4″ exhaust


Drivetrain & Wheels:

Tein coilovers

HKS steel braided brake lines

Line lock system

OEM 4 pot fronts and OEM 2 pots rears with the Porterfield R4s's

Front CCW Classics 18x10J with 275/25 Toyo R888 tires

Rear CCW Classics 17×11,5J with 315/35 Toyo R888 tires

Drag CCW Classics 16x11J with 295/50 Hoosier tires




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