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This Southern Beauty is Taming the Apex


Gripping the wheel, the Scion banks into another corner of the track.  The engine rpms scream while all four cylinders churn violently.  Tires squeal as if gripping on to the edge of a cliff for dear life.  An apex is set, and the car powers on to the straight like a blazing a jet liner -- it streams across the finish line.  Once again, Lea Anne P. pushed her way into a podium finish and another victory to reach her life long goal: to professionally race.


Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Lea Anne’s family owned a mechanic shop of which her nights and weekends were spent learning the trade of wrenching.  Meanwhile, her mom ran in the local circuit of Powder Puff derby cars.  Racing and mechanics were just a way of life, and being that Atlanta hosts an a’ la cart of automotive events, between three major race tracks in the area -- you can say she was raised in some what of a mecca for car enthusiasts.



The first car Lea Anne built was a 2000, Toyota, Celica GT.  This was a total show car with a custom paint job, massive stereo, 19” wheels and just about every visual modification imaginable.  With this car, Lea Anne grabbed a lot of attention.  The pair looked hot together, but it was Lea Anne’s combination of beauty and car knowledge that opened the door to start a career as an automotive spokesperson and professional model.


For several years this gig worked out well for Lea Anne and she represented tons of major brands including Exedy Racing Clutches, Z1 Motorsports, Dunlop Tires and many more.  But between all of the gleam and show, there was still something missing.  The go.


Lea Anne wanted to race.  So the time came to sell the Celica and in 2006 she purchased a 1994, Mazda, Miata R, with the 1.8-liter motor and spec’d out for racing. At just 19 years old and being a novice, she wanted to keep her trial and errors on low key.  So going solo, she joined the SCCA  (Sports Car Club of America) and began attending several autocross and time attack events in the area.



This went surprisingly well and after a few years tackling corners and parking cones, she was off to at Road Atlanta. But it wasn't an easy decision.  Lea Anne told us, “One of my friends talked me into going."  So with strength and confidence Lea Anne ventured to Road Atlanta, at which this venue became the turning point for her career to come.  She continued;


". . . It was such a rush finally racing on an open track and letting my car stretch it’s legs.”


With a few years of seat time at the Atlanta tracks and a collection of podium finishes within the “Auto X” events and the “Atlanta National Tour,” in 2012, Lea Anne decided to relocate to southern California and be fully engaged in the west coast racing scene.  After the relocation, and during a local track day, she met with Quirt Crawford, a well-known figure in racing for building Subaru engines.  Crawford agreed to let Lea Anne test drive his custom Subaru BRZ -- and he ended up being quite impressed.


In fact, the following day, Crawford invited Lea Anne to meet his friend who owns a Toyota race team. After several passes, checking Lea Anne’s times and race lines, it was unanimously decided they needed to place her on the team.



Blazing the regional circuits on the Toyota Escondido team was a dream come true for Lea Anne.  Overall, she pushed an Scion FRS to several podium finishes in the “Redline Time Attack and 86 Cup Challenge Series”, including; 2nd and 3rd Place wins at WSIR (Willow Springs International Raceway), a 3rd Place win at Buttonwillow Race Park and a 3rd Place Street Class win during the “Redline Time Attack” at WSIR.  She even set a personal best at WSIR of a 1:39.6 lap time.


Lea Anne was fine-tuning her skills and the seasons were running smooth, but in her personal life, disaster struck with the passing of her mother.  It was a hard hit, so at that time – she decided to step away from racing and reset.


Now days, Lea Anne is back in the drivers seat -- but not on the track. This time she’s been competing on the road by participating in the Rally North America tours.  During this past year’s event in 2015, dubbed “Hope for the Warriors,” her team took a 1st place win for the 2nd day of the rally.



 “It’ was pretty crazy!”  She said.  “The first half of the run, I navigated . . . then I took over driving at the 2nd check point and then finally drove us to the finish.”   She Continued.  “It was neck-to-neck then entire time at each check point with the 2nd team.  But we finally took the win.”


Aside from competing in national tours, she’s been wrenching on cars with performance installs and creating video blogs of the experiences.  But now her passion for competing on the racetrack is emerging once again.  Determined to be a sponsored race driver and back on the track, she’s scouting out teams in the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) circuit. “I’m ready to get back out there, kick some ass and improve my racing with a team that is willing to bring me aboard.” She said.


With this girl’s determination, home grown racing experience and stunning qualities, we’re sure she’ll have no problem taming the apex for her future wins.




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Name:  Lea Anne P.

Location:  Texas

Instagram: @leaannep

Twitter: @leaannedriver




Current Car: 2015 Mustang GT Premium


Race Bio:

- Multi-Podium finisher in Auto-X

- 3rd place in the Atlanta National Tour


- 2nd place overall in STS2 class Atlanta SCCA region


- Street RWD Class 3rd place 1:41.155 Round 4


- Redline Time Attack Buttonwillow Raceway Park 13 Clockwise

- Street RWD Class 4th place 2:16.714


- Comprehensive training regiment at Silverstone with BTCC drivers


- British Racing Drivers Club TT events competitions


- Extensive karting background

- Fastest lap on a wet track at Orlando Karting Center 3/10 off-track record

-Team Rentrack 1st place podium enduro invitational at K1/fastest lap


- SCCA Designated instructor for Atlanta region

- Designated instructor for small road course events

- Private instruction available for road course events


Track Knowledge:

Road Atlanta

Barber Motorsports Park

Roebling Road

Riverside Motorsports Park

Little Talladega (clockwise and counter)

Silverstone (UK)

Donington Park (UK)

PFi Kart Track (UK)

Streets of Willow

Willow Springs International Raceway






By Adam Riley, Sept. 2016

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