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In the Garage with Kiley


We sit "In the Garage" and knock out a Q&A with Kily Bridges, and what she is doing to as she makes her way into the drag racing circuit.



Name: Kiley Bridges

Age: 18

Location: Roanoke, VA

Instragram: @k_renee117



How did you first get into cars?

I started drag racing junior dragsters at age 11 and fell in love with the racing sport and cars! I was always the girl to play with matchbox cars before Barbies any day!


What was your first car?

 A 2003, Mike Bos Junior Dragster


What’s your current car?

2003 Mike Bos Jr Dragster (race car)

2000 Mustang (daily driver)

2000 Mustang 6.0 (race car)


What modifications are done to your car?

Currently in the process of a full gut and weight reduction!  6.0 ls swapped and future turbo car! The goal is 5 seconds in 1/8 of a mile!


What type of driving are you into?

Drag racing is my life. It's all I live and breathe for!!



What are your future plans, modifications, or events in you plan to do?

The sky is the limit honestly! The "Bristol World Footbrake Challenge" is something I am definitely looking forward to!


Do you have a favorite brand or a particular product you love to use?

Precision Turbo & Engine






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