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Kathie Von Due's 1986 Porsche G50


We recently came across this lovely Austrian enthusiast on the internets, and come to find out, she owns a very nice, track-ready Porsche.  Step "In the Garage" with Kathie Von Due



Name: Kathie von Due

Location: Austrian girl living in Germany

Instragram: @KathieVonDue

Booking inquiries:



So Kathie, how did you first get into cars?

My first boyfriend had a modified BMW E36 and took me to several car shows and tuning fairs.


So then -- what was your first car?

Silver Audi A4 (bj 2000)


How about now? What’s your current car?

I currently own a Black, 1986, Porsche 911 Carrera G-model.

But, during winter time I drive an modified Audi RS Q3.


The Porsche looks like a very clean car, have you upgrade it at all?

The Porsche is a tribute to the RSR edition with the front opening and the hood is constructed out of carbon fiber.  The suspension has been upgraded to Bielstein with a Turbo torsion bar.


For the interior I installed Recaro bucket seats, with safety harnesses, plus a rollover bar has been added for track-day events. Overall it’s 250 horsepower and weighs at 1.060kg’s.  Needless to say it’s a very fun car to drive.



I’m sure a lot of out readers will be jealous of your Porsche. But what about the Audi?

The Audi - I bought it from a famous TV host named Sidney Hoffmann ( He is TV-host of "Die PS-Profis" in Germany and among the best car tuners in the country.  The car is equip with a stage 2 exhaust system, KW Coilovers with DDC ECU adaptive damping system and 21” BBS wheels.  Overall it’s at 430 horsepower.



Being your Porsche is very track focused; Have you attended several track events?

Yes. I love fast sportcars and I'm a Porsche enthusiast and prospective racing girl. I had been to race tracks like Hockenheimring, Salzburgring, Spielbergring several times and also attended different driving experience courses.



Aside from racing, what type of car events have you attended?

I attended different car fairs including the Tuning Word Bodensee in Germany several times & I had been to SEMA convention in Las Vegas last year.  That was an amazing experience and during that trip, I also visited the Red Bull GRC Las Vegas at the high roller.



Sounds like a lot of fun! Tell us your best experience so far with your Porsche.

A morning ride on a Sunday in summer while the rest of the world was sleeping, streets were empty and I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise in the Austrian alps, while listening to the pure sound of the flat six aircooled engine.


Do you have any plans for the future?

My next event will be a snow drift experience in Austria. A big dream is to drive a “Singer” Porsche once, to check if the Singer Porsche is driving as good as it looks! :-)


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