Wheels and Heels


by Quorra - July, 2015

This Sexy Pair Has a Thing For Shoes!


The pulse of electronic dance music thumps creating a low undertone of sound waves, while thousands of car enthusiast packed into a massive convention center shuffle about.  Staggered tight between the spectators, several hundreds of extremely modded tuner cars, shine, glisten and gleam.  Meanwhile, snaps of cam flashes pulse like strobe lights creating a firecracker-like backdrop for the sexed up import models awaiting to be photographed alongside vivid paint jobs and massive turbochargers.


Squeeze between a group of people holding up camera phones trying to get a glimpse, and you may spot Kandice – posing with the other Hot Import Nights models.




But it’s not that Kandice is all about auto fashion and camera time, this girl is more “in tune” than you think. In fact, Kandice grew up in the small town of Oakley, Utah. Her passion for cars began long ago with taste for the classics.  She says, “I’ve always had a desire for characterized cars . . . and the old cars with a flare.”  But soon after high school -- she bravely anteed up and joined the United State Marine Corps.


Although Kandice put her automotive traits aside, traveling in the Marines landing her two years smack dab in the middle of JDM territory of Okinawa, Japan.  Though sporting around in a Daihatsu Mira wasn’t much for performance -- or flare, Kandice embraced the culture of Japan and JDM performance grew within her.  So after landing back in the states, it was time to began her most crucial mission: find a car.




Once she settled in southern California, Kandice immediately adapted to the local tuner crowds and there began her search.  Although her friends suggested several different options and brands, there was an immediate spark the moment she set her eyes on “Nikky,” a 1997, Mazda Miata.  Soon the new duo’s evenings were filled with late night rendezvous in San Diego’s “RaceLegal,” “Carmeats” and local of club meets including the “Boba and Miatas” in Irvine, and ultimately the “Hot Import Nights.”


“Nikky” fit right in. This car had the flare and the performance, plus at the time of purchase she was already sporting a custom “Purple Candy Metallic” exterior and freshly installed JDM MX5 crate motor.  Along with an updated ride including Race Land coil over and damper kit.  After getting “Nikky” adjusted to local scene, Kandice felt it was time to further enhance the upgrades, although -- performance isn’t the only attribute.


To match the dazzling candy paint, Kandice spiced up “Nikky’s” interior with custom made, purple and gold interior accents including shift boot, re-upholstered armrests, visors and trim accents.  But it’s not really the interior Kandice wanted to put all of her attention to, because this girl’s got a thing for shoes.




“I’m actually kind of a wheel whore.” Kandice chuckled while saying. Immediately after her and Nikky became a team, it was time for a set of wheels.  So Kandice swapped out the studs and wheels for a new look.  Now “Kandice’s” closet is filling up with three sets of wheels including STR’s, Volk’s, and of course the “stockies.”


But maintaining style isn’t the only task on deck. Kandice has been keeping her hands greasy taking care of the mechanical essentials.  Luckily, Kandice has access to the local Marine Corps Community Services military Auto Skills Shop to knock out the wrench time when needed, such as the recent u-joint project.  After throwing “Nikky” on the lift, Kandice soon had out the worn out driveshaft swapped out for an aftermarket Oceanside Driveline version -- and in no time, put “Nikky” back on the road.


So far it seems like these two have a pretty good thing going, so we have to ask what’s in store for the two?  Apparently there is quite a bit.  Kandice didn’t want to indulge too much, but she’s currently gearing up sand the body and re-coat “Nikky” with a secret color of dual layered wrap and custom graphic exterior. Along with that, she’ll be upgraded side skirts and other exterior panels, and then -- it’s on to more shoes.




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Name: Kandice Barney

Age: 25

State: California

Instagram: @kandibar97

Car: “Nikky”, 1997 Mazda Miata #mx5nikky


Build List


JDM MX5 1.8Liter 4Cyl Swap

Guide Performance Intake

AEM Air Intake System


Body & Driveline

Raceland MX5 Coil Over Kit

15” STR 518 Wheels

15” Volk Racing CE28 Wheels

16” WCI Wheels

Oceanside Driveline Custom Driveshaft

Garage Vary Front Lip



Sony Head Unit

Kicker Speaker System

Custom Self-Made Interior Accents





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 Copyright and Patent Office.