"It's a Karma-Sutra Experience"


Jessika is giving in to the Mustang passion

by Quorra - April, 2015


Mid July in South Carolina -- it’s hot and it’s humid.  The sulk of summer is in full effect while the sun beats down onto a crowded parking lot of hundreds among hundreds of Mustangs.  The scent of rubber lingers over exhaust notes pounding the streets and filling the air with the excitement. This is Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach.


Within the ambiance of prowling enthusiasts and sparkling paint jobs you may be lucky enough to stumble across Jessika.  Jessika is a Mustang girl heart and soul. She grew up listening to the crazy stories of her parents back in the day, racing old muscle cars.  So from a young age, she’s had a passion for performance.


Her first love -- a 1996 Mustang that was unfortunately laid to rest after an unknown bicyclist decided to hog the road, causing Jessika to perform Tanner Faust-like lane change into the back of a pick up truck.  But being stranded without a hot rod, didn’t hold her back.  (We insisted that she start a petition against bicycling on public roads, but we’ll see.)


Steamed with envy that then, all she could do was look was her boyfriend’s modded 2008 GT -- she set out to wrangle her current pony; a Tungsten Grey, 2007 Mustang named Karma.  “I am absolutely in love with this body style.”  Jessika said.   We agree.  The launch of old school “throw-backs” were a game changer for the American manufactures in the mid-2000’s and still hold true with current muscle car designs.


But even though her ride is a V6, she feels it’s certainly enough to get her in trouble on the streets.  Especially with the list mods on her current build sheet – one of those items being a Flowmaster dual exhaust system with complimenting tune.  “The sound exhaust actually turns me on.”  Says Jessika,   “ . . . It’s why I love going to events like Mustang Week.”




Although we suggested throwing in a Hellion turbo kit into the mix, Jessika foresees that a possible 4.6ci swap may be in the future.  At that point, we can imagine her leaning over, clutching the engine block, while it’s dangling from the cherry picker


 .  .  .  So let your imagination run wild, and keep your eyes peeled for Jessika pushing Karma to the limits in South Carolina.


XOXO - Quorra

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