Still in Motion

Australia's Rising Automotive Journalist


By Adam Riley


Shadows look like dancing zebras on the asphalt as the ’73 MK1 peddles its way around the outback forest edge. Overhead, the white Australian clouds hang from a blue sky as the rolling hills, tall trees and winding roads dip in and out the backdrop. Gripping the wheel, with a camera in her passenger seat, twenty-six year old Jasmynne makes her way to weekend auto gathering; an event showcasing exotic cars and other eye candy the Australian auto scene offers. But it’s not that she herself empty handed, these days, she’s working on a hefty amount automotive projects that keep her in motion.


Growing up, her stepfather, uncle and grandfather were mechanics and racers by trade. With racing history reflected on black and white newspaper clippings that hung from the household walls, the ambiance of automotive enthusiasm inspired Jasmynne follow her petrol ambitions. Though starting with a Champagne Gold Subaru “Liberty” as her first car wasn’t exactly where she wanted her journey began. It wasn’t until she met her boyfriend and now husband, that helped her put life into first gear.


Shifting forward to 2017, long past the Subaru and several other cars, she and her husband now own several iconic rides including a ‘94 Nissan S14 Silva, ‘95 Nissan RPS13 SX180, ‘73 MK1 Escort 4-door, accompanied by a ’72, 2-door MK1. Although her cars, the MK1, 4–door its a pristine example of 70’s sport economy cars, her S14 is a different story, hosting a list of mods including aftermarket intercooler, exhaust, Zenki 17” wheels, Nardi steering wheel, aftermarket control arms, and Rocket Bunny wing and front bar. She says the S14 needs to be reliable as a daily and casual drifter when I have the time and or money to attend an event.



“To be honest I'd love to pull the motor out of the S14 and give it an overhaul and neaten up the bay eliminating unnecessary components and hiding the ugly bits.” She says. “… And my Escort, I just want to keep original, though I did start cleaning up a 1600cc motor to replace the 1300cc, but I'm still unsure if I will make that change or not. Ultimately I'd love to paint them both white and start my dream white car collection; which include a ‘72 Hakosuka Skyline, ’73 C110 Kenmeri Skyline, ’89 R32 GTR and several others.”


But until the collection of white beauties arrive her driveway; for the meantime she’s been focusing on the role of automotive photographer and journalist by launching the brand “Still Motion Media.” She says, “My true passion is cars and the automotive scene which I’ve heavily been apart of for almost ten years. Starting out as just a hobby, social media changed things quite a bit, so I decided to make it a profession a few years back.”


“Still Motion Media” showcases photography, video blogs and her journey. These days it’s been getting enough traction to open up entourage of adventures and she points out, “Some of my best experiences thus far are a toss up between driving flat-out through a state pine forest in a front-wheel drive in the pissing down rain, being invited out to go for passenger laps in four different Ferrari's at over 258km/h and recently driving two of my dream cars, the R32 GTR and ’73 Kenmeri Skyline!”



Life for Jasmynne is a juggle between gripping the wheel, her camera, and moving towards automotive industry recognition, and though she’s chasing a career, she mentions that “In this crazy world we now live in, it’s so easy to get consumed by ‘e-fame’ and what others have that is better than you -- and this in turn makes us replicate their actions in hope to get that slice of what they have. When the best thing you can be to be happy and successful is yourself! She continued, “As for me, I'm a dork. I'm weird. And I am me! I'm just “Jaz,” a chick with a camera who lives and breathes cars -- not just cars, but anything with a motor or wheels!



You can follow her story journey through Instagram and her website.









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